Onion powder

trlovett, Feb 20, 3:27am
Does anyone know where I can get onion powder from? I have looked around in various supermarkets but the closest I can find it onion salt.

supercook, Feb 20, 3:29am
I could not find it in supermarket I used Onion soup ? Worked fine in my recipe.

maxwell.inc, Feb 20, 3:38am
Cant find it in NZ, tried for ages. . best you can do is buy onion flakes and put them thru a coffee grinder (thats all onion powder is) works well!

allspices, Feb 20, 5:14am
I used to see it in Bin Inn but haven't looked lately.

pogram0, Feb 20, 8:51am
I haven't been able to buy it here for 18 months or so. Every time I go to Australia I bring back a couple of those small jars of it - still available over there - Masterfoods brand. Perhaps if you know someone going over there who could bring some back for you.

angel404, Feb 20, 9:00am
same but i havent been to our binn inn for a couple months tho

mber2, Feb 20, 9:55am
try pak n save there, they have plenty

southerngurl, Feb 20, 11:21pm
i can't remember where we found it in NZ (possibly woolies? ), but if you, or someone you know is travelling to aus, get them to stock up and bring it back. My dad works for a supermarket and he was talking to the masterfoods rep and she said that MS has stopped making it, which is crap. . cos they ship it to Aus as well. When Dad confronted her with this she turned round and said, ohh maybe its not just popular in NZ, which is also codwollop... .

Make sure you declare it though

tessie2, Feb 21, 1:51am
Simply Fresh in Northcote sells onion powder. They sell lots of spices and condiments.

harrislucinda, Feb 21, 2:54am
bininnhasitwellin chchtheydo

dilligaf_dah, Feb 21, 2:57am
Use the Maggie onion stock it is just like onion powder Most supermarkets have it.

kclu, Feb 21, 3:10am
In what do you use onion powder or onion soup rather than chopped onions?

standard, Aug 29, 2:50am
Bin Inn Lincoln Road Addington Christchurch has got it

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