Quick party nibbles

bindy34, Jul 29, 4:38am
ideas please for quick easy cheap nibbles to have for party for 36yr old

margyr, Jul 29, 6:53am
mini spring rolls, squid rings, sausage rolls, prawn cutlets, check out your freezer dept in the supermarket, in the deli marinated mussles, make up platters of salami and cheese. buy a jar of pickle and some crackers and cut up cheddar cheese.

cookessentials, Jul 29, 7:08am
I have bumped the parties weddings & gatherings thread for you - heaps of great ideas there.

raebea, Aug 1, 9:57am
Sausage Slices--buy a pack of sausage rolls & just slice the roll into slices about the thickness of toast bread , lay on a tray that has a sheet of baking paper on it & bake- they don't take very long. You get such a lot of these & they are a good bite-sized for finger food,

raebea, Dec 17, 3:59pm
ooops, that should be "frozen"sausage rolls that you slice,