Halloween kids party;ideas anybody?

miss-skyline, Oct 22, 4:00am
hi peoples have a kids 10th bday to attend next weekend and need to take a plate of food any ideas would be appreciated thanks....

sunshinemegs, Oct 22, 6:23am
Hard boiled eggs. cut in half. using a toothpick and red food colouring make squiggles in the egg white to make them look like blood shot eyes

sunshinemegs, Oct 22, 6:25am
mini jelly shots with a worm (lolly) in them

holmsies, Oct 22, 6:54am
cupcakes iced with white icing, then pipe on black spiders. Or stick on the spiders made from licorice. have fun.

dons14, Oct 22, 9:18pm
Google - there are tons of great ideas. I like cat poo cake and skull cheese ball. Halloween food is so much fun to make!

miss-skyline, Oct 22, 10:18pm
Thanks for the ideas so far will definitely be making sum of these

pamela121, Oct 23, 12:10pm
Hi. Try Dead Man's Fingers. So easy yet so horrible. Make a quick shortbread-type mixture of eggs, butter, milk, flour; roll pieces of it into finger shapes, roll these in sugar, lay on a tray and bake for 10 mins or so. When cooked and cooled, paint with purple food-colouring where the finger-nails would be. (There is an Edmunds recipe for "Elsie's Fingers" which u can also adapt.) Or Swamp Jelly: green jelly with "worms" through it.

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