Microwave + Infrared + Convection combi oven???

grandlancy, Jul 26, 8:41pm
We got one of those in our new house (LG). First time for me. The manual doesn't say: when using Infrared or Convection, are we supposed to leave the glass plate that turns round and round like in a regular microwave, or is it supposed to be removed together with its plastic wheels?

lilyfield, Jul 26, 11:26pm
I would leave it in. it will certainly help with even heat distribution. or so my common sense tells me.

nauru, Jul 27, 12:57am
Yes leave the turntable as is. I have a convection microwave cookbook that I no longer have need for as my oven died. If you are interested I can list it.

grandlancy, Jul 27, 2:03am
Thanks. LG may do good ovens; they could make better instruction manuals.

nauru, Dec 3, 4:47pm
grandlancy, I have listed it for you if you are interested