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steamylee, Jul 26, 7:01am
how do you make 'em please?
and specifically how do you make the icing? im was told its normal icing (icing sugar/water) but im sure its different and was wondering if anyone can tell me please? they have gross custard squares here in aus.

anne1955, Jul 26, 7:37am
I use the cheats way. . instead of pastry use water biscuits... it's an old tupperware recipe...

pam.delilah, Jul 26, 7:40am
from an old Edmonds cook book

175g 6ozs flakey pastry, cut in half and each piece rolled very thin. Prick well all over and bake at 215C 10- 12 mins. The filling is 1 1/2 cups milk, 50g butter, 2tblsp Edmonds Cornflour, 3tblsp icing sugar, 1 egg, vanilla essence.
I cup milk in a saucepan with the butter and heat. Mix cornflour and sugar with the remainder of the milk to a smooth paste and add beaten egg. Pour in hot milk and butter and return to the saucepan; cook until the mixture thickens, then cook for 5mins stirring all the time. Add vanilla and when cold spread between the pastry. Ice the top and sprinkle with cocoanut.

pam.delilah, Jul 26, 7:42am
a recipe
H&P custard squares
Line 23 x 23cm container with Huntley & Palmers cracker biscuits to form base of slice.
For the custard;; 1 pint milk - reserve some to mix dry ingredients below. Melt 4 ozs butter, add 1/3 cup sugar & milk. Bring to nearly boiling. Mix 2 heaped tsps custard powder & 3 heaped tblsps cornflour with saved milk. Vanilla to taste if liked.
Take mixture in saucepan off heat, add custard/cornflour mixture. Keep stirring.
It will thicken almost instantly into a gluggy, sticky custard.
Spread over biscuit base.
Put a layer of biscuits on top.
Ice when cold

2boysmum, Jul 26, 8:03am
Easy but nice recipe...

Cook two sheets of pre-rolled flaky pastry recipe (place a baking rack on top while cooking or you will get two pillows).


5 cups of Milk
1 cup of Sugar
1 cup custard powder.

Make custard by heating four cups of the milk in a microwave safe bowl. Once piping hot add the sugar and then the rest of the milk mixed with the custard. Heat for one min at a time until thick.

Pour custard over one sheet of the pastry in a same sized container then top with the other sheet. Ice with either pink icing dusted with coconut OR passionfruit icing. Place in fride until serving.

steamylee, Jul 26, 9:20am
awesome thanks guys! ! will give this a go tomorrow

ballito, Jul 26, 9:45am
Mum always made the Edmonds recipe and they were delicious. Hope this helps.

bisloy, Jul 26, 10:50am
You can use puff pastry sheets too, to save time. I just make a really thick custard with vanilla in it then ice with icing sugar, vanilla and water.

margyr, Jul 26, 6:21pm
cook the sheets as suggested with pricks in them let them rise up and when you get them out of the oven just gently roll them flat, this way the pastry will be nice and crisp, also I just use the custard powder and double the amount of powder to liquid. Icing is just icing sugar, knob of butter, vanilla essence and water. Use a serated knife to cut when cold.

mackenzie2, Jul 26, 8:12pm
I hadn't made these for ages, but the lads wanted them in the weekend, all gone by the sunday night... . Must admit I did help them.
This is a receipe I have been using for years, and YUM ! ! !

Heat 3 cups milk and 100gm butter Shake the following together in a sealed container till mixed - 4 heaped Tbsps cornflour 6 tsp icing sugar 2 eggs 1/2 cup of each milk and cream. Add to the milk/butter mix and simmer 5 mins till thickened, add 1 tsp vanilla. Coolmixture, I put pot lid back n to stop a thick crust... Cook 2 pces of pastry. Put custard between pastry and ice with the following 30gm butter (melted) 1/2 v tsp vanilla, icing sugar and water to mix, sprinkle with coconut. Enjoy

cookessentials, Jul 26, 9:16pm
Gosh, have not had a custard square in years... I am not a fan of cold custard, however, i can be occasionally tempted by a really good custard square! - I must say, I am partial to the "Denheath" ones.

griffo4, Jul 26, 9:55pm
Oh cooks don't get me started on the Denheath ones
l get them sent up every now and then and they just don't last round here they are just so nice and nothing in the shops comes close to them anymore, lol

cookessentials, Jul 26, 10:10pm
Oh griffo, I couldn't have them sent to me, I would inhale them LOL. I used to occasionally have one at a local cafe served with a passionfruit coulis on the side.

wahinetoa62, Jul 27, 2:52am
I make this one and everyone loves it and so easy to make

carbon_trader, Jul 27, 6:08am
Custard Squares.
AKA - Bacteria Blocks

duckmoon, Jul 27, 11:04pm
My mother makes with using huntley and palmer crackers... and makes sure that she cuts the slices using the crackers as a guide...


cap, Jul 28, 1:48am
Haven't tried the Denheath ones but a local radio station in Wellington had people vote for their favourite custard square and Pak n Save in Petone won so of course I just had to try them and they deserved the title. Very messy though as the custard is not super thick which is probably why I don't always like cold custard - hate that super yellow stuff with a texture like rubber.

steamylee, Jul 29, 7:25am
oki doki i brought the pastry and stuff for the custard today so will attempt to make some tomorrow... . woohoo cant wait! ! fingers crossed they work! !

margyr, Jul 29, 8:19am
so good to read all the stuff you are making now steamylee.

naki45, Jul 29, 11:01pm
I used to use the H & P cream crackers instead of pastry too. Heaps easier and just as nice, haven't made them for years though.

naki45, Jul 29, 11:02pm
Sure are YUM YUM lol
Might have to make some over the weekend now.

steamylee, Jul 30, 4:08am
so it turns out i forgot to buy milk for the custard lol so i made apple turnovers instead and they are still cooking but looking amazing so far! ! yum! !

eastie3, Jul 30, 4:29am
This is from food blog I follow:

The Culinary Explorations of Mrs Cake

Sunday, July 18, 2010The Ultimate Custard Square Hunt - Petone Pak'n'Save, Wellington
A friend noticed a while back that Petone Pak'n'Save, where she does her weekly shopping, has an award for their custard squares. She did tell me about it but we're not often out that way and it hadn't quite made it high enough on my priority list to make a proper pilgrimmage! ;-) Anyway, today she dropped this off to me:

Nutritional information on a custard square - hmm, I'm not sure that's right! I don't think I want to know! Never mind, it's too small to read easily anyway. $1. 98 is pretty cheap - it's pretty hard to find a custard square under $2 in this day and age! But will it live up to the hype?

It has chocolate icing - my friend did warn me of this when she handed the booty over - but perhaps it's good enough to transcend an inferior icing type. The filling looks very fluffy - reminiscent of the delicious Denheath ones, perhaps?

Well, I'm sad to say I don't think I would be proffering any awards to this morsel. The pastry was good - crisp, not soggy or dry - but the filling was incredibly sickly and tasted more of cream than custard. For perhaps the first time ever I was unable to finish a custard square - and it wasn't overly large. It was just too fatty and sickly and I couldn't do it. For anyone with any degree of uncertainty, I have what is usually an insatiable sweet tooth, and would probably astonish and disgust most of my readers with just how much sugar I can pack away if I put my mind to it - so it was not due to a low tolerance! Funnily enough, the chocolate icing was actually the nicest chocolate icing I've ever had on a custard square and helped mitigate the overwhelming sweetness to a small degree - but that wasn't enough to redeem it. Sorry, Pak'n'Save - I guess the judges of whatever competition you won liked it but I really didn't! I give it 4/10.
(but a big thank you to my lovely friend for thinking of me and making the effort to drop it off on her way home - even if it wasn't the best it did need to be reviewed - no custard square shall escape my scrutiny! )

rarogirl1, Jul 30, 6:56am
Try this very easy 2 sheets flaky pastry pierce all over with fork as you don't want it to puff up. Cook in oven. Mix 500ml cream with 1 packet vanilla instant pudding. When pastry cooled spread vanilla mixture on one sheet pack it up place other sheet on top. Dust icing sugar over the top sheet. You can cut into squares but I find it easier to cut into large fingers. You will be surprised how yummy and easy this is.

steamylee, Jul 30, 10:33am
well the apple turnovers were a huge sucess! ! i will do a few more and once i can do them without the recipe i will learn how to make the pastry myself as well. as for the custard squares will have to remind the other half to get some milk from the cow shed tomorrow morning.

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