French toast

bigred6, Jul 25, 2:40am
I haven't made this for years. Whats the tastiest way of making it please?

lizab, Jul 25, 2:48am
easy as! ! Beat up eggs and dip the bread in! ! Fry in butter! ! My kids love it! !

utegirl7, Jul 25, 2:57am
Yum yummy. . beat up eggs and seasonings then dip the bread in! Real butter make a big difference. . ! Primo! With tomato slices and crispy bacon rashers! Or fry slices of cooked sausages instead of bacon rashers! Enjoy your french toasts bigred6!

bigred6, Jul 25, 3:01am
Thanks for that, I will make it for tonights meal. Yum!

ferita, Nov 26, 2:47am
I make it with french sticks , , makes nice little rounds that the kids love