charyn1, Jul 23, 5:39am
can you freeze watercress?

pickles7, Jul 23, 6:14am
It will take you 24 hours to find out. Then you could report back here with your findings. I would think there are a few people who would like to know.

superdave0_13, Jul 23, 6:17am
No. . It doesn't freeze well.

rainrain1, Jul 23, 6:24am
Answered in general

charyn1, Jul 23, 6:24am
Do you know how lng it lasts in the fridge?

rainrain1, Jul 23, 6:28am
If you can freeze spinach, why can't you freeze watercress? ? ?

pickles7, Jul 23, 6:40am
Put in a bucket of water and change the water every day.
A few people started a little home business growing it hydroponically. A tiny fish bowl pump, nutrients, and you are on your way.

2bakerz, Jul 23, 7:13am
Well, we've frozen it successfully - but only for a month. Nothing worse than a lovely lot of pork bones and no water cress! ! Sure, it is not nearly as good as fresh, but desperation calls for all measures!

jag5, Jul 23, 9:27am
Yep... . can freeze spinach and silverbeet too.

free-h-oldies, Nov 22, 5:40pm
I always freeze watercress... everytime we come home from Hokitika I bring home frozen watercress that I blanch for a couple of minutes in boiling water and it is just perfect. I do that every time now so go for it

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