HELP!!! Cooking venison steak

wiggles123, Jul 22, 11:30pm
have a nice thick piece of venison steak 800 grams and havent got a clue how to cook it! Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

ferita, Jul 22, 11:45pm
Generally speaking venison steak should be cooked 2-3 minutes on each side. Cooking it longer can toughen it up

ferita, Jul 22, 11:46pm
as with all meat you should let it rest after cooking

beaker59, Jul 23, 1:50am
What species and cut and is it wild or farmed because it does vary a bit. However general rule is rare as you can bear. and as Ferita says rest before cutting or serving. Venison needs plenty of hanging before eating and as I don't have a chiller I keep it in as big pieces as I can in my spare fridge for a couple of weeks before cooking. If it is a backstrap a common gift from a hunter then I like to fry it whole rolling it in the very hot pan for long enough to be cooked half way through then put aside to rest for 10minutes before slicing across the grain into medalions.

ballito, Jul 23, 2:22am
As above - just don't overcook it.

fisher, Jul 23, 5:57am
Venison does not have a lot of fat so pan frying for a few mins each side or grilling will give nice results. .
Make a nice sauce for it... :
1/2 bottle red wine. . 1/2 cup brown sugar. . sprinkle of cinnamon . . pinch of cloves. .
Med heat to reduce sauce till thick. . spoon over grilled venison. .
As with all meats, resting is imperative...

rainrain1, Nov 21, 11:07pm
Slice to desired thickness, (not quite as thick as a porterhouse steak) and pan fry quickly in butter 3 or 4 minutes either side

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