Venison Casserole recipe please

Checked out last year in Search, nothing that excites me. First time we have tasted.
No slow cooker.

Chef_jessie981, Mar 30, 4:36 am

Chef_twindizzy, Mar 30, 5:39 am

I use a beef casserole recipe, but add mushrooms and bacon. Occasionally I will do it in layers. Start with venison (floured and seasoned), then bacon, onions, mushrooms and any vegies if using, keep layering until dish 3/4 full. The I add a mixture of Red Wine, beef stock and seasonings (bay leaf, thyme, parsley or pinch of mixed herbs). Again depends on size of dish but approx ½cup wine, 500mls stock, if needed you can thicken it later. also you can brown off the venison and use the stock and wine to clean the pan.

Chef_cgvl, Mar 30, 6:15 am

Sounds yum, thanks.

Chef_jessie981, Mar 30, 6:56 am

That's pretty much exactly what I do. You can also use fruit flavours and I use home made plum jam instead of wine but that's just personal taste. Another flavor that works well with venison is juniper berries but not too many.

Chef_beaker59, Nov 14, 9:49 am