venison mince

dogman13, Apr 28, 4:35am
anyone got good recipes for venison mince, we've been given some and not sure if i can use it the same way as beef mince? ? thanks

cookessentials, Apr 28, 4:41am
No reason why not dogman

racheee, Apr 28, 4:43am
I used some the other day the same as beef mince. Fried some up with some garlic and put it in a casserole dish with a tin of coconut cream, curry powder, turmeric, some chilli and some tinned tomatoes, and some mostly-cooked rice. Cooked in the oven for about three hours. Yum! Easy too.

cookessentials, Apr 28, 4:43am
Here is a link to First Light Venison - they have a very nice looking venison meatloaf on there and there are other recipes using venison mince which may be of help. php? recipe=2

I note the recipes are from peter Gordon. I also browsed the site and they have some really nice looking wagyu as well.

dogman13, Apr 28, 4:48am
thanks for these ideas, like the sound of the casserole with coconut cream probably could do it in the slow cooker while im at work tommorrow cheers ! ! will decide later will check our other recipes too as we get given the venison quite alot so nice to try different recipes.

dogman13, Apr 28, 4:50am
decisions! ! ! haha that firstlight meat loaf looks delicious thanks cookessentials! ! !

carolyn20, Apr 28, 4:52am
Venison Burgers. A friend gave me this recipe with assurances they taste great though I'm yet to try them myself: add 1tsp oregano, 1tsp cinnamon, chopped parsley, salt/pepper to the mince (based on 1kilo so adjust accordingly). Shape into patties, brush with olive oil and fry 4-5 minutes on each side.

beaker59, Mar 12, 12:51am
Yes Venison Burgers are great. Treat Venison just like Beef only difference is it basically has no fat content so can dry out I mince about 1/4 fatty pork into mine. This makes it much nicer. I have also mixed in olive oil which does work quite well.

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