Recipe for chocolate wedding cake please

jenny791, Jul 22, 5:26am
Does anyone have a mudcake recipe, which could be used for a 2 tier wedding cake,
The bottom layer will be 10-12 inch diameter and the top layer 8 inch.
Any mudcake I have ever made has sunk in the middle, due to the large quantity of chocolate , butter and sugar, and very little flour.
Help. Im getting nervous about trying to make this.
Has anyone got a foolproof recipe please.

jenny791, Jul 24, 5:45am
thanks 245am.
The recipes look great

punkinthefirst, Nov 23, 3:03pm
I can recommend my recipe from the above thread. It makes about a 9 inch round x 3 inch tall cake, but you can treble the recipe to make one 11 inch cake plus a 6 inch cake. You can also bake it in thinner layers and put together with ganache. I also tend to cover it with ganache (equal quantities of dark chocolate and cream, melted together and cooled til thick enough to use. Put the cream in the measuring cup/jug first then add chocolate until the quantity is twice that of the cream. Melt over hot water. )
If the bride wants a white wedding cake, you can cover this with fondant in the usual way. Two layers will be needed, usually.
I tested a lot of chocolate and mud cakes before my son's wedding. I made this one in 6 layers (2x12", 2x 9 1/2" and 2x 6") with chocolate ganache filling and covering and decorated it with scarlet and gold flowers. It was stunning... . . and not a crumb was left behind! !

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