What kind of sauce would you recomend for hot ham?

goult, Jul 21, 9:01pm
I'm cooking a ham for dinner tonight with roast veges and need suggestions on a sauce to serve with it. TIA

muzza3, Jul 21, 9:03pm
mustard sauce, give a couple of choices, donot give tomato as an option .

goult, Jul 21, 9:04pm
not much chance of that! i don't even have tomato sauce on my chips!

pickles7, Jul 21, 9:20pm
I would put pineapple pieces, chopped mango, chopped chili, or cherries into lemonade, thicken and add a good splash of brandy . think outside the square. Ham people forget, give your family or guests something to talk about for ever. gherkin would be ok chopped very finely as a "green addition. "

fisher, Jul 22, 2:24am
Homemade Mustard. . horseradish... or sage and onion...
or this one I found...

l/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
l tbsp cornflour
l l/2 tsp dry mustard
l/4 tsp ground cloves
2 tbsp lemon juice
l cup water
l/4 cup raisins
l tbsp margarine

Combine sugar, cornflour, mustard and cloves. Blend in remaining ingredients. Stir until smooth. Cook until mixture boils and thickens, stirring all the while. Simmer 10 mins - low heat.

3jtrader, Jul 22, 3:02am
Applesauce is great with ham-cook a couple of peeled & cored apples with some water until they smush nicely and then add paprika and a splash of sweet chilli sauce.

buzzy110, Nov 18, 5:06pm
That's brilliant 3j. I remember the Student Union Restaurant at Auckland University used to do a whole ham steak with a sizzling hot pineapple ring on top and some of the juice it was canned in slightly thickened with cornflour.

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