Lemon's - being cheeky here

wildflower, Jul 20, 4:18am
I hope I don't sound rude but I was wondering if there's anyone in the Masterton area with an excess of lemons at the moment, laying on the ground under their tree etc. I normally get some from my aunty and freeze the juice to keep me going for ages but she lives an hour and a half away.

I have planted a tree but it's only about knee high so far so I won't hold my breath waiting for fruit!

Much thanks.

crystalmoon, Jul 20, 6:07am
bumping, hope some one can help. Maybe check out your local neighbourhood as well nd knock on the door, most people are quite happy if you ask. Goodluck.

stormbaby, Jul 20, 9:35am
I don't think you are cheeky wildflower. I have a friend who gave me bags of them in summer, and I juiced them and froze the cubes. Nearly out. Now 3 doors down there are a couple of chickie babes flatting. Right outside the front door is a humungus lemon tree chocka full of lemons. Been telling hubby to come with me to walk the dog after tea one night so we can ask for some. At least you are asking, some people see them and just take them. Hope you find some up your way.

juliewn, Jul 20, 12:18pm
Hi. . you could try putting an advert in the Homegrown Market website - Masterton is covered under Wellington:

http://www.homegrownmarket.co.nz/component/option, com_adsman
ager/page, show_category/catid, 72/text_search, /order, 0/expand
, 0/Itemid, 0/

An advert on the noticeboard at your local supermarket might work too. .
Hope this helps. .

wildflower, Jul 21, 4:38am
Hi, much thanks for your help everyone; I found some. Will try making some of Nici's Wicks' cheese off 'World Kitchen' tomorrow.

Thank u again :)

momma1, Jul 21, 9:42pm
also... chch has a foragers google map and its a great idea and i wonder if other areas have the same. Auckland Fruit Economy and Otautahi Urban Foraging on facebook and http://maps. google.com/maps/ms? ie=UTF8&vps=1&hl=en&a
mp;jsv=170f&msa=19&msid=106549722530845255618. 00046e

crystalmoon, Jul 21, 11:52pm
what what! ! ! ! ! , foraging maps, what a neat idea, have often watch the British cooking shows and they sometimes talk about going to pick fruit from the berry hedges and always wanted to be able to do that. Will have to google more and see if anything in Auckland. Learn something new everyday:)

solarboy, Jul 22, 2:54am
Haven't seen any maps of any kind for around here but we have plenty of roadside plum, apple and pear trees around the countryside - haven't sighted a lemon yet - maybe they dont grow too well from pips . And I've never eaten one en route anywhere either to spit the pips out at a handy fertile growing spot LOL. Glad to see wildflower found some anway .

momma1, Jul 22, 4:12am
i think foraging maps and a place where people can share the fruits from their gardens is wonderful. my uncle has a lovely dark fleshed plum tree which has huge crops and he lets fall on the ground and in chch i used to watch a house that had apricot tree that fruited and the fruit fell as well. i find the whole thing distressing LOL

wildflower, Nov 18, 9:51pm
What a waste alright, especially stone fruit as the supermarket stuff doesn't seem to have any flavour anymore, probably grown to keep well, not taste well.

I think I'd cry if I saw apricots rotting under a tree!