Rewena bread

nosam1, Jul 19, 4:18am
My mother is having trouble with her rewena bread. She thinks it may be the flour. Are others experiencing problems, mums been making bread for 68 years and in the families eyes was the best at it so lack of experience not the problem

indy95, Jul 19, 6:22am
Nosam1, if you type rewena in the keyword box on the left of your screen, choose Anytime as the date posted option and tap Search you will find several threads about making rewena. Hopefully they will be of some help to your mother.

nosam1, Jul 19, 7:56am
Thanks indy95 nothing there of help though - cheers

darlingmole, Jul 19, 8:27am
what's rewana bread?

sultana0, Nov 11, 8:52pm
Its a bread made from a potato yeast bug, sort of savoury sweet with a heavy crust and firm doughey texture

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