chelsea jam sugar

fmgirl, Feb 7, 3:18am
feed back please on this product thanks
is it worth using instead of ordinary sugar

alicesmum, Feb 7, 3:31am
Yes id like to know too please, come on people someone has had to of used it ... ...

magenta, Feb 7, 3:35am
Have not tried it but I understand it is just sugar with added pectin. I would try it but at the price it would not make homemade jam worth making!

245sam, Feb 7, 3:41am
fmgirl and alicesmum, I realise that there may be a lot of threads to browse through but a search of recent jam threads would show you that there have been a few people who have tried the new Chelsea Jam Sugar and from memory, I think their thoughts were positive.
I personally have not tried it but I did have a read of the packet and I believe that it stated that the Jam Sugar is sugar (obviously) with added apple pectin and citric acid.
Hope that helps. :-))

standard, Feb 7, 4:17am
Yes, I've used it to make apricot jam, it's good but more expensive than ordinary sugar.
Amazing how it goes "liquidy" with stirring.
Would use it again.

tiogapass, Feb 7, 5:46am
I used it to make strawberry jam which is usualy really difficult to set and it came out perfectly., Feb 7, 7:06am
It's great for making fresh tasting jam from low-pectin fruit - I've used it for strawberry and raspberry, and I'd also use it for ripe apricots. Because you can expect a set in around 4 mins, the jam retains a lovely rich fruit flavour.

Not sure I'd bother for things like plum jam though, where prolonged cooking doesn't affect the flavour.

It works out about the same price as using Jam Setting mix (depending on where you get it from - prices in Wellington vary heaps).

dolor, Feb 7, 7:20am
I have used this sugar and works great. Making jam in four minutes - all for that and would definatly use again :-)

jag5, Feb 7, 8:41am
I think it very overpriced. For low pectin fruits, I add grated apple. Works a treat. And a lot cheaper.

grouch, Feb 7, 11:26am
I used it for strawberry jam and it was great. Ready in 4 mins. I would definately use again. I dont like bought strawberry jam and homemade is definately better.

cookessentials, Feb 7, 6:32pm
I would not bother- lemon juice works well for the added pectin. Also use fruit that is still firm - over ripe fruit has far less pectin.

cottagerose, Feb 18, 7:48am
I recently made blueberry jam using this sugar and it turned out great.
I did boil it for longer than 6 minutes thou as i used frozen blueberries so there was more liquid than fresh and I wanted to make sure the jam would keep well.
Jams lovely. Set well and I will certainly use it again for any berry Jams.
Jams such as plum dont need itas they set well anyway

lilyfield, Feb 18, 7:53am
use lemon juice instead or add a bit of rhubarb to your fruit. which is really nice in the hard to set strawberry jam

anne1955, Aug 17, 10:40pm
Hi I use a packet of jelly if jam not looking like it is setting sometimes I use to for a big pot full also adds color to things that loose color when cooking I have looked at this but feel it is double sugar price or close enough to it. . and as others have said jam setting mix. lemon juice or the likes are just as good or the jelly I buy them up when at 99c or less a packet. . work a treat... I am just about to post a help wanted recipe thread hope someone can help Thanks Anne

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