Chelsea winters . Coconut, lemon & passionfruit c

surf2, Mar 17, 9:18am
Could someone please share this recipe. I would like to make it for a birthday cake. Thanks

wachael1, Mar 17, 10:33pm
I have it at home - have made it several times and it turns out beautifully. Will try and post recipe tonight for you.

surf2, Mar 18, 8:51am
Yes please and thankyou

griffo4, Mar 19, 12:58am
Me too please it sounds very nice

wachael1, Mar 19, 7:28am
Sorry all. Didn't get on last night. Here it is

1.5c coconut
400ml can coconut milk
1.5T lemon juice
Zest 3 lemons
250g butter - room temp
2.5c castor sugar
4 eggs
1t vanilla
3c flour
3t baking powder
0.5t baking soda

Oven 170 degrees. Grease and flour 27cm spring form tin and line.

Mix coconut, coconut milk, lemon juice and zest and soak,for 10 mins.

Cream butter and sugar for 5 mins with electric beater.

Add eggs one at a time and beat well.

Add vanilla.

Sift flour, bp, bs into a bowl and combine. Add the creamed mix and coconut mix and stir to combine. Should be well mised but don't be too rough.

Bake in lower half of ocean for 85 mins but start testing at 75 mins.


50g butter
3c icing sugar
Pulp 10 passion fruit or 0.5c pulp/syrup (choose one with least sugar in it)

Beat butter and icing sugar and pulp until light and fluffy and spread over cold cake

bisloy, Mar 19, 7:44am
Sounds like a lovely cake that I will make - coconut and lemon, perfect combination.
One of the more interesting recipes wachael1, made my night

surf2, Mar 19, 9:09am
Thankyou. Will get baking

lynnea1, Mar 21, 8:50am
I would give it a try but baking it in the lower half of ocean would be a bit of a problem for me. Haven't got my diving certificate yet and a bit old to start now.

jaybee6, Mar 22, 8:09am
Lol at lynnea. Was thinking the same thing. Will make the cake though.

wheelz, Mar 23, 12:04am
Cake in the oven now

battgirl, Dec 2, 3:49pm
Another of my faves.

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