Chelsea Winter Muesli recipe - bran flakes ?

nickyd, May 24, 2:10am
Has anyone made this Chelsea Winter recipe from "Everyday Delicious" ? Have gathered up 95% of the ingredients needed, but bit stumped by the bran flakes ingredient.
Is this the kind of bran you use for making bran muffins? or something else? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

cgvl, May 24, 3:35am
Yes the type you use for bran muffins. I know it as Bran Flakes but also as Baking Bran, Wheat Bran, Oat Bran or Natural Bran. Find it in with the flour and baking section in supermarket. Flakes are brown and soft.

hilt_dwane, May 24, 3:37am
Could you post the recipe please?

nauru, May 25, 6:13am
Bran flakes look similar to cornflakes. You can get them in the SM, sultana bran is the same but with fruit added. Binn Inn also sell them if you have one near you. Oat bran is oats, bakers bran is wheat so not the same either in taste, texture or appearance.

awoftam, May 25, 6:22am

nickyd, May 25, 8:53am
Thanks for the help -seems like the term confuses everyone! Several different items which are all basically called the same thing.

lats66, Jun 11, 7:03pm

hello68, Jun 12, 1:25am
I just made this last week for the first time and had to ask my mum about the bran as she makes muesli These are bran flakes found in the cereal isle But I used these ones instead

nickyd, Jun 12, 10:03am
Perhaps I'll have to try and ask Chelsea herself ;-)

awoftam, Jun 13, 6:19am
Good idea - she will answer too - you friends on FB? Just go in there and she will help. Lats and I posted the same thing albeit different brands - come back and tell us what Chelsea says.

awoftam, Jun 1, 2:05am
They are both cereal?

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