Mere Male using breadmaker

paddypf, Jul 11, 1:26am
When the recipie calls for butter does it have to be melted or do you just chuck a slab in? ? ?

nanaw13, Jul 11, 1:36am
do not melt, put exact amount in

paghan, Jul 11, 1:41am
I soften mine a little, just to make it a bit easier to mix in

nanaw13, Jul 11, 8:20pm
how did your bread turn out?

rainrain1, Jul 11, 8:45pm
Throw in a bit of cooked mashed swede...could be a new taste sensation :-)

lilyfield, Jul 11, 10:25pm
use oil instead

korbo, Oct 20, 8:56pm
i always use oi, but have used butter, make sure it is a little soft tho.
how did your bread turn out.