Tinned Beetroot for chutney....

cookiebarrel, Jul 5, 2:14pm
have a Beetroot chutney recipe that uses cooked beetroot and I was wondering if it would be okay to use tinned beetroot chunks instead. Really love it but sometimes it is difficult to get beetroot, so thought maybe tinned would work at those times and where better to get advice than on here! :-)

rainrain1, Jul 5, 7:49pm
It would be worth a try, it will have a different flavour, but give it a go... .

cookiebarrel, Oct 3, 1:18pm
Thanks for that rainrain, will have to give it a try. Nothing to lose really. Now I need a cracker recipe, something like the bought water crackers, those small round ones, to have it with... my special indulgence, yum.