Pizza without cheese - any recipes/suggestions?

catfan, Jul 3, 1:02am
Have a husband who really doesn't like cheese but puts up with it if the rest of us want pizza. I'd really like to try making a pizza without cheese for him - have done some googling and have found one possible recipe but would be really interested in hearing from others with any experience with this.

buzzy110, Jul 3, 3:36am
I went and googled this most unusual question and came up with several answers. The best one appears to be yeast flakes. That is what they are called in NZ, Americans call it Nutritional Yeast'. Make your pizza as usual only on your husband's pizza or pieces, sprinkle with the yeast instead of cheese.

I personally haven't tried this, but I used to quite like yeast flakes when I was a vego in all sorts of things as it added a depth of flavour, otherwise missing in vegetarian food.

uli, Jul 3, 4:04am
Yes there is an italian pizza without cheese - it is called a "white pizza" and is just a basic pizza dough painted liberally with olive oil an sprinkled with salt. Use your thumb and 2 fingers to make dimples over the entire surface.

But maybe that is not what you had in mind?

You could try an AlsatianTarte flambée - this is a basic pizza dough covered in crème fraîche, onions, and bacon.

Or a Turkish "pizza" (Lahmacun) the dough is very thin and is topped with mince meat which often includes chopped vegetables.

Or the Provençal Pissaladière which is similar to an Italian pizza, with a slightly thicker crust and a topping of cooked onions, anchovies, and olives.

elliehen, Jul 3, 4:14am
catfan, unless he really needs to eat a whole pizza all by himself, why not just leave one quarter (or more or less) bare of cheese? Parents making pizza for children do this sort of thing all the time - no olives on this half, no mushrooms on that etc :)

fruitluva2, Jul 3, 8:56am
Jack cheese, easy to make and yum to eat with salad etc.

uli, Jul 3, 9:44am
"Jack cheese"? ? ?

catfan, Jul 3, 11:41am
Thanks everyone and yes I went with making a large pizza and leaving a quarter with little or no cheese and that worked well. Will try some of the other suggestions also

catfan, Jul 3, 11:42am
I'd like to know what this is too

ferita, Sep 27, 3:15am

is nice