Food in a Minute's pizza pie

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mindi1, Aug 7, 11:37pm
Anyone tried it Sounds like a lunchbox treat my guy would love. Any extra tweaking you'd recommend?

ferita, Aug 8, 12:00am
Using a yeast based dough

sarahb5, Aug 8, 12:18am
Not making it at all? Sounds to me just like those spaghetti pies you could get in the supermarket years ago - I'm sure there are much tastier pizza recipes than that - probably healthier too.

mlh19658, Aug 8, 12:27am
Wonder if Lana's a real chef/cook? Don't rate her at all. Could do without the low tops too! The original lady was great.

sarahb5, Aug 8, 12:29am
Alison Gofton was the original one wasn't she - I read in an article about her that she resigned because they wanted to use so many Watties and other pre-prepared products and she didn't agree with them.

245sam, Aug 8, 12:39am
Allyson Gofton was the original presenter of Food in a Minute.

mlh19658, for some background info' re Lana have a look at:-

mindi1, Aug 8, 1:31am
We/he eats very healthily and we do not usually eat pizza. However as an easy snacky treat, why not. I did not ask for supercilious superiority, merely feedback from those who had made it.

aadunn77, Aug 8, 1:34am
I made it after I saw the ad, was alright, however I hate spagehtti on a pizza so would just put ham cheese n pineapple next time, or tomato n cheese, mushroom... .

buzzy110, Aug 8, 1:38am
Oh sarahb5. Did you know that the posters on these boards get really touchy when you point out that there are better alternatives around. I've learnt that the hard way. Best not to interfere. If poster #1 thinks that a tinned spaghetti topped piece of scone dough or whatever would be good to feed her man then we should all help her to achieve that end.

#1. If you are not using a proper yeast base then I think that you just make up a scone dough and add toppings to your heart's content. I could be wrong though as I never watched that portion of the news.

evorotorua, Aug 8, 1:45am
I have seen the ad but can't remember exactly what is on it. It looked nice though. I like all those things on it so go for it. You could add some sweet chilli sauce to change the flavour, skip the spaghetti altogether and use tinned tomatoes that have other bits in them like the Indian or Mexican ones. Also try olives, sun dried tomatoes etc. I amke homemade pizza a lot and we often have left over casserole and veges on them. Roast potatoes (sliced), chicken satay etc even cooked peas and beans. All go down well with my family. It isn't "pizza' in the strict sense but that's what we call it and we like it. Your guy is lucky you want to cook for him.

mindi1, Aug 8, 1:50am
Thanks evorotorua. Maybe you and I just enjoy nice lives where we actually just like doing the easy thing occasionally and making folk happy, as opposed to the likes of Buzzy and SarahB who'd rather be snippy and negative and interfering. I wonder what sort of perverse enjoyment they get from it.

buzzy110, Aug 8, 2:19am
And that wasn't snippy? I was just using the opportunity to explain to the poster how things work here. As I said. I have learnt from hard experience just how touchy people can be and I don't want her falling into the same trap. I'm glad evo was able to help you but I still didn't see from her post what sort of a base was used. Nor, may I add, have you told us what sort of a base you want to use.

buzzy110, Aug 8, 2:20am
And if you are talking about others being snippy then this comment is probably as snippy as one can get.

omaria, Aug 8, 2:25am
Yeah bring back allison Gofton! !

evorotorua, Aug 8, 5:24am
Angels fly because they aren't weighed down with the unneccessary.

vintagekitty, Aug 8, 5:32am
Ive made these for kids lunch box's.

Rolled out pastry in a roasting dish, added a couple of cans of spagetti, diced onion, ham or bacon, herbs and grated cheese with tomato sliced over the top. Baked and cut into slices. Super easy and a change from rolls and sandwiches.

darlingmole, Aug 8, 5:32am
buzzy is a great poster ~ not everyone does the quick way, the prepacked or packet way for varying reasons; health, taste, cost etc so each to their own. This is a place to share ideas, thoughts and opinions without being vindictive. And let's remember:it's Sunday, the Sabbath, so please post kindly

margyr, Aug 8, 5:38am
have not seen her making the pizza, but did catch alison holst the other morning, and she used a pair of scissors to cut it up, I thought that was a handy hint. Tortilla make quite nice bases for pizza.

245sam, Aug 8, 7:02am
Here's the link to the 'Easy "No Knead" Pizza' as shown by Alison and Simon Holst last Tuesday morning:-

ferita, Aug 8, 7:11am
Sunday is not the sabbath
The sabbath is saturday - Jesus was a Jew and the Jews keep saturday

sarahb5, Aug 8, 9:56am
I was merely pointing out that there are a lot healthier options for topping a pizza than tinned spaghetti. And if that makes me supercilious and superior in your opinion OP then so be it - I prefer honest, forthright and opinionated but then that's just me - I'm entitled to my opinion in the same way as anyone else on these boards and whilst I still have the ability to use a dictionary (and if necessary a thesaurus) then I will continue to express it ...

elliehen, Aug 8, 10:40am
mindi1, I liked the look of the grated cheese rolled underneath the edge - wouldn't have thought of that myself.

And to those who expressed surprise at the Watties' products used, who do you think pays TVNZ for that astronomically expensive one minute slot before the 6pm news? He who pays the piper calls the tune :)

sarahb5, Aug 8, 10:50am
Yes he does but that's why Allyson Gofton left because they upped the usage - when she was doing it usually only one packaged item per recipe, now it seems like 3 or 4 every time and all the recipes seem like a "dumbed" down version of something else

elliehen, Aug 8, 12:53pm
Well, if it helps even one busy parent who has just got in the door from a job outside the house with children needing to be fed... it's OK.

I have one recipe I make regularly from the timeslot - a roast vegetable and feta salad, and it has just one proprietary product... a pottle of Mediterranean chunky cashew/roast capsicum dip.

And Allyson Gofton might have left because she'd already made her pile - she certainly continues to make a pile of money out of her 'Food in a Minute' cookbooks.

sarahb5, Aug 9, 9:37am
I am a busy parent who comes home from working a full day and still manages to cook a healthy meal for her family using fresh ingredients 6 nights a week - its not that difficult