The gormade pizza's from the supermarket??

petal89, Dec 5, 5:53am
how long to cook and what temp?? looks like the base is not cooked yet! like to know what temp and how long to cook thanks?? :-) TIA

uli, Dec 5, 6:15am
Is that really the brand name?

babytears, Dec 5, 7:08am

kiwibubbles, Dec 5, 9:59am
the supermarket sells gourmet pizzas? hmm what brand is it?

lilyfield, Dec 5, 6:39pm
and I am sure the instructions are on the packet for all those non-cooks.

anne1955, Dec 6, 5:08am
Hi I was at friends when she went to cook one yes directions are there but even I had to look to find them...sorry but really for the price you can make them for less than half the price..granted handy quick I guess...and no not knocking non cooks Me I'd like to rent myself out and do it all day :) I love cooking but my meals are small and I give most of my cooking away have a biscuit tim in my locker at work..and the young ones love it...but sadly getting a bit costly..but trying hard to keep it going ...kind thoughts Anne

charlieb2, Sep 30, 5:04pm
Cor blimey!!!

Ask a simple question and you get....... *!!!!!!*

About 10mins on 200C if its not frozen, petal.A few minutes longer if its frozen