Pizza Pinwheels/Scrolls Recipe please

lizab, Aug 4, 9:58pm
I quite fancy making some spiral pizza things ... has anyone got a tried and true recipe please? (or do I just make my usual pizza dough, roll out, add toppings and roll up before slicing? ? )
Thanks :)

245sam, Aug 4, 10:05pm
lizab, have you considered downloading the Trademe Cooks recipes? There's a mix of sweet and savoury pinwheel/scroll recipes in the Baking section of TMC which you will find at:-

lizab, Aug 4, 10:50pm
thank you - I have been downloading from there, but haven't found any pizza recipes just yet - I'll keep searching lol :)

245sam, Aug 4, 11:01pm
lizab, have a look in the Baking section for "Scrolls - Sweet & Savoury" and pizzas can be found in "The Odds & Ends Drawer" - look for "The TradeMe Cooks Pizza Shop".

Hope that helps. :-))

lizab, Dec 26, 4:55pm
you're wonderful - thank you! ! !