Pizza in a deep-based electric frypan?

zuggle, Jul 17, 3:13am
I'm thinking baking pizzas in the oven is a waste of electricity, especially as mine is old. Does anyone here bake their pizzas in an electric frypan, for how long and what temperature 1-10 on thermostat please? Also, can you do scones apart from griddle ones in an electric frypan? Many thanks.

malcovy, Jul 17, 4:03am
Joan Bishop has a frypan cookbook, now the last time I saw it was about 20 years ago. I made a bread roll recipe that was in her book and cooked them in the electric frypan and they were fantastic.I cannot remember anything else but it is a doable thing ie pizza in frypan.

zuggle, Jul 17, 10:10am
Thanks malcovy. I make bread myself, too.

soph001, Jul 17, 11:56pm
Yup it works but make sure you put the lid on to keep the heat in. Don't have it up too high coz it takes a wee while for the heat to melt the toppings, if too high it burns the base before the toppings are melted.

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