Freezing Meatballs?

darlingmole, Feb 17, 7:33pm
I want to help out a friend of mine who's struggling at the moment and thought I could prepare a few meals in advance and freeze them for her.
So can I get raw mince, make the meatball mixture, fry them and then freeze them for later? Or is that a recipe for food poisoning?

barloo, Feb 17, 7:54pm
make them then gladwrap them individually. Then your friend can take how many they need out and cook from there. Thats all good as long as the mince wasn't frozen before you make them.

dezzie, Feb 17, 7:59pm
I'd freeze them on an oven tray or similar then bag them, then she can just pick out as many as she needs.
Previously frozen mince, as long as its cooked in between is totally fine to refreeze again.

darlingmole, Feb 17, 8:06pm
thanks for that barloo and dezzie. The poor lass is suffering with depression and I really don't want to give her food poisoning on top of that! Right, off I go to the kitchen . . .

donnabeth, Feb 17, 9:09pm
darlingmole I've just done exactly that for my parents who are both recovering from illnesses.

LAst week Pak n Save had mince for $4. 95 kg so I bought up 5kg. I made some mixture into rissoles and meatballs and free flow froze them raw then packed them into zip lock bags.

I cooked up lots of little meat balls and made gravy for some, tomato sauce for others.

I cooked up a basic mince stew, left some basic, added curry to some and tomato puree to some.

I packed all of this into well washed margerine and yogurt containers. (I bought some Glad storage containers but they worked out at about $1 each. ) I also put some into zip lock bags and froze them flat for easy storage.

On the plain ones I wrote a note saying "For extra flavour try adding frozen stirfry veges, curry or flavoured pasta sauces. Serve with rice or pasta"

As it happened they needed to use one meal the day after I delivered them as they'd had a long day of appointments and assessments. While the meatballs were reheating they cooked some pasta and veges and in no time had a nourishing meal without lots of cleanup or cooking smells. It's knowing the difference your effort makes to people in these situations that makes it all worthwhile. Good luck with your friend. It may take until she has recovered for her to appreciate your thoughtfulmess but practical help is essential.

margyr, Aug 15, 12:55pm
nah they will be fine and a quick and easy tea, i cooked heaps at once and freeze them altogether in a bag, they bang apart easy as once frozen and then add however many i need to the sauce i make.

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