What can you serve with chicken enchiladas

gnome25, Jun 28, 10:13pm
Any ideas other than green salad

red2, Jun 28, 10:15pm

threecheers, Jun 29, 2:13am
Spanish/Mexican rice.

rolznsp, Jun 29, 2:40am
dirty rice and salads

ruby19, Sep 15, 6:12pm
sweetcorn salsa, just defrost some sweetcorn, add finely chopped peppers, avocado, & red onion, a little crushed garlic, ground cumin & coriander, season and add a squirt of lime juice, & fresh coriander, you can add a little chilli if liked. or stir the above through some cous cous, dso serve along side. Of course guacamole and sour cream are a must.