Gluten, dairy and acid free recipes please!

shinzembi_nz, Jun 26, 1:14am
My daughter and i have serious food intolerances and i am really running out of interesting things to do eat on a budget. (Single mum. )

We are both gluten and dairy free and my daughter can't have anything acidic like tomatoes, citrus, berries etc.

I would LOVE some suggestions.

frances1266, Jun 26, 5:01am
Karina Ullrich's site glutenfreegoddess is mainly g/f and dairy free.
There is a recipe for Mystical Sauce that is made from beetroot and carrots as a tomato substitute. It is very good and tastes amazingly like tomato sauce. Increase the herbs a little as Americans seem to like their food a little blander than we do. If you cant find it I will post the recipe when I have more time.

shinzembi_nz, Jun 26, 7:01am
Thanks. I know the site though I couldn't find that particular recipe.

frances1266, Sep 8, 8:41am
Here you are. Mystical Red Sauce.
1 lb carrots, peeled & chpd
2 small beets, peeled & chpd
2 onions, chpd
2 stalks celery, chpd
2 bay leaves
4c water
4 cl garlic, minced
2T olive oil
1t dried oregano
1t dried basil
2T arrowroot dissolved in cold water
2t salt
1/4c arrowroot dissolved in cold water
Boil veg, bay leaves, salt & water in large saucepan until very soft.
Remove bay leaves. Puree veg using cooking broth as needed.
In separate frypan saute garlic & spices in oil, add to sauce. Add arrowroot at this stage for a glossy sheen & extra body. Simmer
30 min to 1 hr to allow flavour to develop. Season.
This is a macrobiotic recipe - it is very good. They do not use nightshades in their diet.