Sugar Free / Gluten Free Recipes

dairymaid, Nov 24, 4:45am
Help PLEASE My friend is a diabetic and has just been told she needs to go gluten free . For a treat I take her some baking when we go and stay , but need to find some simple things to make from cookies to dessert. have a few which I have made but would like something different for a change

timturtle, Nov 24, 5:36am
I make a cheesecake with a base of ground almonds and butter you can bake this or just set it in the fridge.
Once cold make a low calorie jelly with only half the water, let cool, then beat it with a block of Philly cream cheese and then fold in 300ml of beaten cream then add this to the base and put into the fridge to set. It is very easy and think it will be ok for a diabetic.

valentino, Nov 24, 7:43am

Look through this website for recipes to try.

dreamers, Nov 24, 9:06am
These are lovely to give as Christmas gifts in sellophane with a bow

awoftam, Nov 24, 9:55am
Checkout this website as well:

Tons of recipes on the site.

dairymaid, Dec 13, 4:44am
Thanks timturtle will have to try this one sounds nice she is not a big dessert eater but nice to have something for a change

dairymaid, Dec 13, 4:45am
Thanks awoftam, valentino , and dreamer your web sites are great thanks

timturtle, Dec 13, 4:54am
Actually Dairymaid, I have made just the filling and put it into glasses and add low sugar tinned peaches, and some more cream, and I call it - Cheesecake Moose as a dessert.

I don't set it in the glass BTW, just make in a container and use an ice cream scoop to put balls in the glasses

timturtle, Apr 21, 8:49am
Oooops - That's Mousse, Lol