Home made pizza

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maximus56, Jun 25, 4:44am
what are the secrets of making a delicious pizza

cookessentials, Jun 25, 4:49am
a good base and plenty of topping with a good flavour.

wheelmann, Jun 25, 4:53am
The base is something I struggle to make. I have tried using the 00 Flour and it still turns out too chewy.

Not too many toppings.

gardener53, Jun 25, 4:57am
Get that oven up really high, and make your base thin. Remember if you are putting a sauce on first, sprinkle with some cheese to anchor it to the base, before you put other toppings on

wheelmann, Jun 25, 4:58am
Buy a pizza stone too.

maximus56, Jun 25, 5:10am
what is the best cheese to use?

wheelmann, Jun 25, 5:14am
A bit of blue cheese, feta, or brie can work.
I also buyparmesan in a block and use a peeler to slice bits on to them prior to putting in the oven

duckmoon, Jun 25, 5:16am
I make a tomato sauce which is tomato puree, worschest sauce and herbs... I used to work in a pizza shop, and that was what we used.

duckmoon, Jun 25, 5:17am
mozerrella (sp)

uli, Jun 25, 5:53am
again depending what you want - if it is pizza then I would suggest mozzarella - if it is "leftovers from the fridge on scone dough" - then any cheese (or no cheese) will do - even blue vein or whatever goes off at the back of the fridge ...

good luck in finding out what you like.

rainrain1, Jun 25, 5:58am
You might like to try this base :-

1 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
60 grams butter
Put in whizz. Use pulse button until like breadcrumbs, then add 3 Tblsp cold water and on/off till it balls.

milkath, Jun 26, 5:55am
thanks rain rain1 do i let it rest before using it?

taurus2005, Jun 26, 6:14am
always put some basil leaves and dry oregano on it.

milkath, Jun 26, 6:26am
thanks taurus2005 thanks rain rain1 do i let the dough rest before using it?

uli, Jun 26, 7:09am
milkath - why would you want it to "rest"?

It is not a pizza dough (which is made with yeast) - so why would it want to "rest" (too much stress maybe? ) ...

natalie9, Jun 26, 7:45am
This dough recipe from the Dish magazine is superb, I made it into a really thin base. Makes 2 large pizzas enough for good servings for 3-4 people. Everyone I make pizzas for raves about them and loves the base. For topping a good tomato sauce with oregano/basil, then spread fresh garlic, chopped onion, sliced mushrooms, chopped chorizo or similar, green pepper and mozzarella or whatever cheese you have. Is really cheap to make and is delish.

400gm flour
1 TBSP instant yeast
1 tsp salt
1 cup warm water
2 TBSP olive oil

Put dry ingredients in bowl. Combine 1 cup of the water with the oil and pour over the flour. Mix to a soft dough, adding more water if necessary. Tip onto a lightly floured bench and knead for 2 mins. Place in oiled bowl, cover and leave in warm place until doubled in size.

uli, Jun 26, 7:55am
natalie9 if you leave it for a day or two in the fridge your friends will rave even more :)

stormbaby, Jun 26, 8:53am
I always make my dough in the Breville Bread maker, using the pizza dough recipe. I heat my pizza stones in a very hot oven (200C) an roll out the dough thinly, putting it on the stones when they are very hot. This makes the dough start to cook straight away, giving a lovely crispy base. I use leggo pizza sauce on the base and whatever topping everyone wants. I find the secret is in the base, if its thin and well cooked, you get a nice result.

mindi1, Jun 26, 9:09am
Natalie, what sort of flour do you use?

natalie9, Jun 26, 9:12am
Oh wow that is interesting. It was once left for 1. 5 days as ended up having it the next day. And that was the BEST one. I never realised that was the reason, thanks!

natalie9, Jun 26, 9:12am
Just plain cheap flour

5425, Jun 26, 8:19pm
a baker said just double the oil to a standard breadmaking plain flour recipe and use dough setting .

uli, Jun 26, 10:06pm
If you read through my posts in the link up here in post6 then you know how to make a very good pizza crust. The recipe comes from Italy.

gaspodetwd, Jun 26, 10:29pm
I agree - you need the right flour, and teh yeast recipe adn let it sit for hours! Roll really thin and a very hot oven - ours was fan 240. And not too much topping. Good fresh ingredients - I used to make it weekly on a Friday night - but now with two in my family with food intolerances, it is never cooked...
(They can't eat the cheese, gluten, tomatoes, ham, capsicums) - basically everything that was on the pizza! !

lynja, Jun 26, 10:54pm
i have started using tortillas as my base and doing individual ones. really yummy. put tomatoe paste on first, then toppings as usual such as ham, pineapple, cheese etc. they are really lovely, the base is nice and crisp. everyone loves them!