Carrier for hot dishes (for pot luck teas)

jojo76, Jun 20, 1:41am
Ive seem these a few times and would like to know where to get one. . they are made out of the same material as oven mits and it fits your casserole dish, great for transporting your hot food. Can anyone help?

tasmum, Jun 20, 2:23am
I've got one... Elmon made them but don't know if they still exist. Easy to make though. My friend made these for Christmas presents a few years back. You could try Stevens. Can't say I've seen them around for years now.

minn1, Jun 20, 4:05am
try a craft/sewing site, there might be something there. Also, have a look at some of the markets, have seen them at those from time to time. good luck, they are great

nfh1, Jun 20, 4:27am
We went to a Pot Luck Dinner last week and I put the dish in a crate, lined with a huge towel. It was so easy to move and no burnt fingers.

toadfish, Jun 20, 5:08am
I am a little like nfh1, I often use a banana box, with the dish covered in foil or the lid on and wrapped in a towel. . Easy to wash if you get any spillages.

shirley16, Jun 20, 5:24am
Inspitation in Alexandra sell them

stormbaby, Jun 20, 5:25am
I am pretty sure I saw them in a pattern book recently. I see them at garage sales occasionally. I had one, it was from Elmon.

elliehen, Jun 20, 5:27am
Pak'N Save sells an insulated carry bag for hot or cold food (near the cooked chickens)... noted it was inexpensive but didn't examine it.

ferita, Jun 20, 5:34am
They are good. We live 45 minutes drive from the supermarket so we use one. Good for frozen food but we also leave it in the car and put takeaways in it if we buy them in town.

creek, Jun 20, 8:05am
I use my slow cooker to take food when going out warm it first put roast spuds in or anything keeps good for about 1 hour

duckmoon, Jun 20, 9:07am
I got mine from Elmon (it is in the 1980's - still have it) - they are a firm who did table linen, towels etc...

Have seen knock off at sewing stalls (church fairs etc).

Finally, if you can sew, borrow on, and take a pattern.

Basically, they are a circle which insultated.
then ona donut shape - with a slit on the side...
then two handles... the inside of the donut shape have a draw string around the inside...

duckmoon, Jun 20, 9:10am

cookessentials, Jun 20, 10:03am
Lodge do them for their Dutch ovens, but not sure if the NZ distributor has them - would have to find out.

momma1, Jun 20, 10:08am
i have a couple and they are good but as the others say it was elmon and dont think they exist but i do see them quite often at school fairs and op shops

stormbaby, Jun 20, 10:10am
Actually those foil type bags for the boot of the car are brilliant. I have 2 sorts, one is a cheap, flat, like a shop carry bag with plastic handle, for cold stuff, the other is like a box bag, with a zip along the top, and handles sewn on that go right around. I think it was from Magna Mail or one of those years ago (I have 3). Anyway, I put all my frozen stuff in them for on the way back from shopping, or food in them when we go away for the weekend or for hot food to take to a do. I often do hot fresh bread rolls to take, so its good to have something a good size with handles and zip closure. The Elmon thingees only take a casserole dish.

momma1, Jun 24, 8:31am
hey i went op shopping today and saw 2 of these holders... ... .

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 24, 8:33pm
in the latest lucky break there is directions to make a casserole carrier. It looks fantastic might have a go. it has the diagrams though so for 2. 90 you should take a look. i get them for the puzzles :)

These are ones that fold over into a cute triangular bag. its really neat and creative. if you go to super market have a flip through its the page after the puzzle section.

uli, Sep 4, 3:54pm
I usually take the crockpot in a banana box.
Then all I have to do is plug it in and hot food for hours!

The sewn ones do not really keep the heat for long. Good to bring somewhere and then eat straight away. But after half an hour travel and half an hour waiting for everyone to arrive and start eating it is usually cold.