Best way to cook roast vegies please...

cookessentials, Jun 17, 10:52pm
For the likes of potato and kumara, i steam till just slightly tender first. I sometimes dust the potato in a little plain flour and salt to give them a nice crunchy outer coating. Pop them into the hot fat and juices surrounding your roast meat and cook until tender and golden. you will need to turn them during the process. The pumpkin, I just cut into decent size pieces - I always pop it in first with the meat as it takes the longest to cook.

wikd_witch, Jun 18, 10:53pm
Roast vege sprinkle (with the herbs in the supermarket) is Yum.

fisher, Jun 19, 12:10am
I par boil with a little salt in the water... remove, drain and allow to cool down. . In a freezer bag, I place some flour, with the fresh herb most suitable to the roast I'm having. . sage for pork, tarragon for chicken, rosemary for beef, thyme for lamb... Then a crushed oxo cube, beef or chicken, salt and pepper. . mix all this up and place all the roasties in the bag, potatoes, kumura, carrots etc and turn to coat. . now gently shake the bag (not too hard) which will "fluff" up the veges outers. . Into a separate preheated roasting pan with some oil in the bottom and then spray with oil. . and season again. . Its easier to control for turning while the roast cooks in its own pan. . turn as required and when near serving time, pour most of the oils/fats from the roast over the roast veges. .
Wkd-witch... I use that also when I'm too lazy to do the above. . :}

beaker59, Jun 19, 1:09am
Throw raw veg in roasting pan sprinkle with oil and fanbake at 180 for 30 - 45 min I throw in fresh rosemary and sage chopped and some peeled garlic cloves.

biker_69, Jun 20, 12:56am
Potato & kumara - coat lightly with a mix of 1/3 chicken stock powder & 2/3 plain flour & pepper. Lighty spray with rice bran oil & place in roasting dish with meat.

libra29, Jun 20, 3:43am
I just peel the potatoes, kumera and pumpkin and put them in the roasting pan around the vegetables. Parsnip I cook till tender then brown in roasting dish and yams I top n tail and pick out any yuk bits and they go in raw with the rest of the veges

andrew499, Jun 20, 4:35am
i parboil potatoes and/or kumara in lightly salted water, then let them dry. i then place them into the deep fryer for 15 minutes or so.

harrislucinda, Jun 20, 4:57am
icubmyveglikespudspumpkinparsnipetcabout1inchin abowlseason, addgreenherbs , thenoil, toss, thenonatrayroastuntil cooked

jayelcee, Jun 20, 5:28am
Dry oven roast in small cubes. The tiniest squirt of oil on the tray to stop sticking and a sprinkle of s&p.
Can do spuds, kumara, pumpkin, carrot, parsnip, onion and capsicum.
Any combination of the above... ...
Awesome tukka.

ferita, Jun 20, 5:32am
Parboil them for sure.
Make sure there is space between them on a tray or they wont crisp up. Throw in onion slices and whole garlic bulbs as well.

I sometimes baste the kumara with orange juice mixed with honey. You do this near the end of the cooking time or it burns.

ferita, Jun 20, 5:32am
Mushrooms are also nice roasted in the mix. They come out bursting with flavour

coolthree, Aug 21, 7:02am
Just keep turning, until nicely cooked and crispy, ( nicely seasoned) then flavour up with a nice sauce or gravy, CAN I COME OVER? ? ? ? ?