Is there a way to make chicken gravy from cooking

vtec_babe, Jun 17, 4:17am
the chicken in a slow cooker, (cooking slowly in sallow water in slow cooker) normally i roast the chicken in the oven and use cornflour to thickn the juices but im not sure how to do it this time around as i think theres too much water and not enough juice to make a gravy the same way any ideas

fisher, Jun 17, 4:41am
For me... I detest the fat that comes from the chicken in a crockpot. .
Packet of Maggi Roast Chicken gravy for me with a little of the strained juices from the crockpot. . stir up and into microwave to heat. . I like to add some fine chopped fresh sage. . taste test . .

oopie, Jun 17, 4:43am
Make a roux and use the crockpot liquid.

Or boil the crockput liquid to reduce and thicken as you usually do.

squeakygirl, Jun 17, 4:52am
Use dried potato flakes. Sprinkle in until it reaches the desired thickness.

cookessentials, Jun 17, 4:54am
You could chill the liquid first, then scrape off residual fat. and use liquid as a base in a pan gravy with added vege water. Make sure there is a little fat in your pan, then when it has heated through, add a spoonful of plain flour and stir with the back of a spoon briskly, adding liquid as you go and stirring well so it does not go lumpy. You will find you may need to add extra seasong to it to get the right taste. I often add a white wine to a light gravy and a red wine to a dark gravy.

patsprat, Aug 15, 9:49am
Snap Squeakygirl! I use instant mashed potato a lot in casseroles
etc to thicken them up a bit when I don't want to add the blandness of flour & water. A tablespoon or two makes all the difference and so easy! You don't get the same smoothness as a flour thickener but I like to think there's a bit more goodness in there. But for gravy, Vtec, just boil that liquid to reduce it and thicken with a little mixed up flour or cornflour and water. Potato flakes not so good for gravy, but whatever tastes good to you

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