70's party

beewee, Jun 15, 9:24am
What could we have as a main course for a 70's party

wahinetoa62, Jun 15, 10:12am
Beef Bourguignon... http://www.retrofoodrecipes.com/beef_bourguignon.html

Perfect retro winter main meal...

kcak, Jun 15, 10:13am
Fondue? I had curry and rice as a main for my dinner party. We started with nibbles - cheese ball, pineapple & cheese and cheese and cocktail onions on toothpicks and chip n dip - followed by shrimp cocktail. I'm having a senior moment as to what I made for dessert, but I know it'll come to me!

wahinetoa62, Jun 15, 10:21am
we used to have apple strudel alot for dessert... so good...

kcak, Jun 15, 9:07pm
I remember! ! It was a very rich and boozey trifle.

daleaway, Jun 16, 1:30am
We really gave those fondue sets a workout in the 70s.
Not just for bread and cheese, but I remember one dinner party where we had ginger-battered giant prawns to cook in hot oil in the fondue. Lovely.

Or you can use them like a Chinese steamboat - broth in the fondue pot and cook the meat and veg (in pieces) in it, then drink the resulting "soup" as well.

You can fondue desserts too of course - fruit chunks in hot chocolate.

juliewn, Jun 16, 12:51pm
Fondue. . I've seen recipe books on TM recently

timetable, Jun 16, 5:36pm
Beef strogenough, oh and baked alaska for pud! ! ! and serve rice with everything lol - it really came into its own in the 70's... anything a rich sauce cos cream was everything no matter what it was...

beaker59, Jun 17, 7:48am
cubes of cheese and pineapple(tinned ) on a toothpick stabbed into an orange to look like a porkupine

beaker59, Jun 17, 7:50am
Cherios and sausage rolls and cheeserolls and asparagas rolls. Melting moments.

ramones67, Jun 17, 9:04am
Prawn Cocktail for starters with that god awful thousand island dressing.

daleaway, Aug 15, 11:51pm
#1 was asking for a MAIN course - not afternoon tea suggestions or starters!

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