Need help with food that doesnt contain yeast or

jonowelsh, Jun 15, 8:04am
sugars. My mum is having trouble with thrush in her mouth as part of her b12 lack of thingee. Anyhoo she's been told to stay away from yeast and sugar to try and get it to clear up as these things keep the thrush going.

We are at a loss for what she can and cant eat. Can anyone help us out?

sugarandspicey, Jun 15, 8:11am
Google "yeast and sugar free diet" there are heaps of links available. All the best to you and your Mum.

sugarandspicey, Jun 15, 8:14am
Ooops that should be yeast and sugar free recipes!

ourtwomonkeys, Jun 15, 8:20am

I've had trouble with a yeast intolerance and whenever symptoms come back (bowel rather than thrush) I go on a rice, chicken, cashew and peas for dinner diet for a few nights as they seem to be relatively okay.

I also used to be able to find a yeast free pita bread as an option in the supermarkets.

Also she could make cheese muffins if she still wants a bread like thing - I used to make a muffin loaf which was okay as bread as it has baking powder in it instead of yeast.

It was a hardish diet but once I got used to it, it was okay.

By also following it I cleared up cervical problems, depression, colitis problems and recurring thrush - sorry if thats too much information but it was great. I also lost weight.

Good luck for your mum.

ourtwomonkeys, Aug 8, 2:04pm
Just googled and found this and it has a list at the end of what to avoid.

Yeast and fermented products. Because yeast-related products can aggravateCandida symptoms and upset the digestive tract, it is best to avoid these products on a temporary basis and then watch how your body reacts as you reintroduce them at a later date. The worst of them include yeast, yeast extract, vinegar, citric acid, monosodium glutamate, stock cubes, alcohol and cheese.

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