Trout Steak

pinkrose, Jun 11, 11:48pm
I have some beef in the freezer labelled trout steak. Can anyone tell me more about this cut and how it should be cooked please?

fifie, Jun 12, 4:55am
Is it shaped like a fish? a longer piece of meat thick at one end tapering out to thin at the other. If so its like a bolar beef roast cook long and slow, ideal for roasting in crockpot or slowly in a oven bag in your oven. .

pinkrose, Jun 12, 9:45am
Thanks for that - I will do it in the crockpot

fifie, Jul 29, 7:59am
Rub meat all over with a little oil then rub in some crushed garlic and salt and pepper. Heat a frying pan up till hot and brown the meat on all sides. Place in your crockpot drizzle over a little balsamic vinegar, lid on and cook. When done remove meat rest covered with foil while you make a yummy gravy out of the juices... This is great for bolar roasts also in the crockpot. .

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