Royal icing - how to make it stiffer

diamond_girl, Jun 11, 5:20am
Hi, can you please give me a few ideas on how to make my royal icing stiffer, I am making a large flower to go on my daughters birthdaycake and it keeps wilting!

margyr, Jun 11, 5:42am
more icing sugar.

shirley16, Jun 11, 5:58am
Did you make your royal icing with only egg white and icing sugar, If you added water it would weaken it

diamond_girl, Jun 11, 6:20am
Yesterday I tried bought stuff and it wilthered really quickly even after drying it overnight. Should I add more cornflour or icing sugar or stop being lazy and make it from scratch? Does anyone have a really good recipe?

chicco2, Jun 11, 6:22am
You need to add icing sugar untill it is stiff enough to hold its shape.

chicco2, Jun 11, 6:37am
The recipe is White of an egg, stir briefly with a knife, then add icing sugar untill the right consistency. The addition of a couple of drops acetic acid (From the Chemist) will aid in fast setting.

pickles7, Jun 11, 12:33pm
Put your flowers in the airing cupboard, there will be too much moisture in the air right now. Maybe add a little rice to the container.

cookiebarrel, Jul 26, 9:57pm
diamond_girl making sure bowl and utensils are totally grease free and no egg yolk at all in your egg white, eggs not too fresh, though with supermarket eggs not much risk there. Pure icing sugar is best for this type of work especially if large item, but if you can't get it supermarket stuff will do. Don't add cornflour as this will only make it worse as far as holding it's shape. Agree you could try adding more icing sugar, also could try a couple of drops of lemon juice.

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