Pickling chillis

cuppers, Jun 11, 2:41am
got a load of habaneros & Jolokias on my plants and not sure the best thing to do with them, want to somehow preserve them. allideas considered ? ? ? ?

pickles7, Jun 11, 3:20am
A bit like me, I made a very loose plum and chili sauce today. I am keeping the pulp in the fridge and will use it in soup and to season slow cooker meals, stir fry etc. The sauce I reduced down a bit, when it cools I hope it will be between worcestershire and plum sauce, in consistency. I am intending to make my own tabasco sauce and have been doing a bit of research on the net. I may go and ask where a kind person gave me a malt vinegar recipe. The malt vinegar is superior to any you can buy, and so very easy to make.

jag5, Jun 11, 9:37am
I have dried the majority of mine. Had hundreds of Cayenne chilies.

Have pickled my capsicums, last ones to do tomorrow. Pickled peppers are yummy. Not sure how to do chilies. Some have said to thread them on a string, needle through the green top and just hang to dry and use as needed.

pickles7, Jun 11, 12:29pm
I have pickled them , used a Chinese pickle recipe. worked out very well. I didn't put any water in the mixture. I have dried them, they are more intense once dried. I may have fresh chili all year by the looks of the plants in my glass house , they are covered in fruit. The sauce I made today needs to be treated with respect. It is near too hot for me, and will intensify as it matures. lol. Can't wait to make a seafood sauce with it, prawns on the menu this week for sure. The chili flavour is super.

susieq9, Jun 11, 11:54pm
Hi pickles7. Any chance of getting the chilli sauce recipe. Still have a lot of jelapenos and habanero. Never new the latter was soooo hot. TIA

uli, Jun 12, 2:02am
I ferment them like kim chee or sauerkraut.
Then eat them by the forkful :)

vailima1, Jun 12, 4:28am
I like uli's style!

How do you do this?

bees939, Jun 12, 6:23am
i just bung 'em in a plastic bag in the freezer, take them out when i need them. like free-flow chicken pieces...

pickles7, Jun 12, 7:07am
Why not eat one then, and see. Just pop it into your mouth and bite down. . It could be worth putting it all on" you tube "lol

susieq9, Jun 13, 10:38pm
I don't think our water tanks hold enough water to cool the mouth down, lol. Now about your chilli sauce recipe please.

jag5, Jun 14, 5:05am
susieq9... . . this is the sauce I make, it is very similar to the Sweet Chili Sauce you buy.


40 Chillies, 2 large cooking apples (or can of precooked), 3 cloves of garlic

Process all of the above in whiz

Add 1 tbspn plain salt, 2 1/2lbs sugar, 750mls of malt vinegar

Simmer all these for 25 minutes to ½ hour. Add 1 ltr can of tomato sauce.

Simmer another ½ hour, Bottle and cap when cold.

susieq9, Jun 14, 11:15pm
Thanks for the recipe. When it stops raining and hailing will go and pick the chilli. Will only get enough for 1/2 the recipe. Have got Habanero and Jelopeno so will use half and half.

pickles7, Jun 14, 11:38pm
I made a plum sauce using up plums from the freezer and added just 5 chili. It is very hot an sweet, but at the same time very different. I simmered the juice till thick, and will use the pulp to flavour other dishes, left the stones in that and will keep it in the fridge.
Tomato based sauces I buy, maybe twice a year.
If you really want to make nice sauces start with making your own vinegars, they are so cheap to make, and way tastier than the rubbish on the market these days.
I make up pickles just to add to main meals, stir fry sauces you may say. With the price of veg at the moment , I have used all the rubbishy stalks, stems etc in sauces for that purpose, after freezing the veg's. for late winter use.

susieq9, Aug 6, 12:43pm
Thanks pickles7 all taken onboard. Toooo slow out in the wop wops for you tube. lol

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