Pickling Salt

dawnay, Mar 25, 8:15am
I have a recipe which calls for this. I have never heard of it and could not find it at the supermarket. Is it very different to normal salt? Is there a substitute?

cgvl, Mar 25, 8:21am
Pickling salt is usually plain non-iodised salt. But I use ordinary table salt (iodised) and don't notice any difference in taste.

harriss, Oct 25, 3:58pm
If you're using the salt to do pickling or preparing food for relishes and chutneys, make sure that it is non-iodised, otherwise pickled food becomes tough and not nearly as good as it should be.
If it's for things like making a salt crust to cook fish etc in and will be broken off and disposed of it probably won't matter much which sort you use.

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