Pot Luck Dinner

blackbnz, Jun 9, 10:41pm
lol help I have never been to a pot luck dinner and I hate cooking! The e-mail says bring a sweet and savoury dish. Thought I could buy a cheesecake or something but any thoughts on a savoury dish? WOuld a cooked chicken and some coleslaw be acceptable or will I get sneered at! lol. . please help as it is on Saturday night and I am in a panic. I would think there would be about 20 people there or less. TIA

chynna2, Jun 9, 10:56pm
How about a big plate of cold chicken drumsticks for the savoury dish? (Get a large packet and bake them. ) You can make them in the morning and refrigerate them until you are ready to serve.

Sometimes a nice cake such as a carrot or moist chocolate is good for the sweet side, so that if you end up with lots of desserts (or eat too much of the savoury dishes! ) you can have it with a coffee/tea later.

blackbnz, Jun 9, 10:58pm
thanks chynna2!

ruby19, Jun 9, 11:07pm
Or instead of sweet go for cheese board, perhaps with some grapes, Or some chocolates.

chynna2, Jun 9, 11:12pm
You are welcome blackbnz!

Just had another brainwave for dessert which is easy peasy, and feeds quite a few - buy an unfilled chocolate log and fill with whipped cream, then sprinkle icing sugar on top. This takes less than five minutes - perfect for "non cooks"! ! :-)

tutifruiti, Jun 9, 11:45pm
For savoury, you could buy a pizza and slice ready for heating. Always goes down well.

davewendy, Jun 10, 1:24am
I actually did take a cooked chicken and salad to a pot luck party recently. Time was short and it was easy! ! It actually disappeared really fast! ! I took a bought garlic bread as well. Everyone else had taken finger food type savouries, so it went down a treat. I sliced up the chicken and popped onto a nice plate and the salad into a matching bowl. Voila - instant dinner! !
The salad was the only green food on the table! ! ! So don't throw this idea out the window! !

blackbnz, Jun 10, 1:48am
great thanks all! Salad and chicken sounds quick and easy. I just remembered we have a crayfish in the freezer so might make a seafood salad MAYBE! lol. . Or any ideas of what I could do with cray? tia

daleaway, Jun 10, 3:48am
Stuffed crayfish crepes with a light sauce sounds nice. You can buy packets of savoury crepes.

siftasam, Jun 10, 3:55am
Buy a roast chicken already stuffed and a cake from the supermarket on the way to the party, cheap, and very lazy! That way it will be still hot when it arrives.

redwallet, Jul 23, 2:45am
Hi blackbnz, i see you are from Christchurch, if you aren't too good at salads why don't you get a large one from Traitteur in Merivale, they do gorgeous food you can pass off as home made if you transfer it to a nice bowl, alternatively you could get a nice supermarket salad and break up your crayfish into it and throw a few prawns (shelled) into it and call it a seafood salad, easy peasy.

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