getting a crispy bottom on bacon and egg pie

missmad, Feb 14, 11:24pm
ok whats the deal my bacon and egg pie is always let down by a soggy botton, is it the type of container you cook it in or something (i have used glass pyrex dish before) someone please let me know how i can get around this so next pie i cook can be perfect!

fisher, Feb 14, 11:28pm
Please a layer of grated cheese on the bottom of pricked pastry. . only put the ingredients into the pie "just before" placing in pre heated oven...

mwood, Feb 15, 12:07am
try these : - prick the bottom with a fork - try rolling first for a thinner pastry - preheat the oven with a flat tray in place to place the dish on - do not keep the pie in the fridge before you bake it

datoofairy, Feb 15, 12:09am
I do the cheese as well and my B&E pies are always perfect.
You cant taste the cheese. My father hated cheese and ate my pies for years, totally oblivious to the cheese ;o)

susieq9, Feb 15, 12:59am
I bake mine right at the bottom level in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, and then put into the centre of oven.

rubyjane11, Feb 15, 2:21am
grated cheese over the bottom of the pastry before adding your ingredients

eastie3, Feb 15, 4:47am
I put an oven tray on the rack as the oven heats up and cook the pie on that, no soggy bottoms !

cottagerose, Feb 15, 5:26am
Fanbake should also help

missmad, Feb 15, 5:45am
without sounding like a dimwit, do i place the pastry in the pan then put cheese on, then bacon and eggs or place cheese in pan first then lay the pastry over the cheese?

eastie3, Feb 15, 10:12am
Pastry, cheese, bacon, eggs. No stupid questions, just answers:D, Feb 16, 5:43am
I take the pie out of the oven, loosen the pastry by running round the edge of the dish with a knife, put a wire rack or small metal tray over the top and tip it upside down.

Then put it back into the oven for a few minutes to brown the bottom (which is not uppermost).

buzzy110, Feb 16, 5:49am asp
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Try this thread titled "Soggy Bottomed Pie". Has lots of good solutions in that.

lythande1, Feb 16, 6:07am
Don't put the mix in warm or hot. Don't, with stuff like egg, put it in way before cooking. The pastry has time to soak in it - you see?
Don't put cheese on the bottom either, it melts and goes gooey - same soaking in it effect.
You could cheat a little too and precook the pastry base a bit first. But I would just assemble it right before cooking.

tjma, Feb 17, 3:06am
I found that cooking the bacon first before putting it in the pie made a huge difference, all ot the water in the bacon cooked away and didn't go into the pastry.

daleaway, Feb 17, 3:15am
A very good point, tjma - packaged bacon is full of water. Our butcher's home cured stuff is much dryer.

mary92, Feb 23, 11:21am
Yes, I cook baconon it's own, add parsley, onion, and gratedcheese on top of pastry in baseand on tp of eggs (just under top layer of pastry. I also add 1 desertful of (half milk half water) for each eggused mix it through.

purplegoanna, Feb 23, 10:07pm
Ive got an awesome giant pie dish i got from a hospice, the bottom is covered in tiny match sticksized holes, it makes the bottom crispy every time. also does the same for quiches, hunt around its worth the effort.

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