Good old homemade tomato sauce???

briddles1, Feb 10, 9:12am
I have lost my nanas recipie for homemade tomato sauce... does anyone have a good basic recipe? ? ? ?
I know it has tomatos, vinager, pickling spice, sugarbut im not sure if that is complete and how much of each?
Please help... . . (lol)

angel404, Feb 10, 9:34am
have u got an edmonds cookbook?

briddles1, Feb 10, 9:36am
no i dont. The worst thing is that Ive my nanas recipie for years n years and it has just disappeared.

briddles1, Feb 10, 11:35pm
anyone lol

valentino, Feb 10, 11:51pm
Someone posted this some time ago, haven't tried it but is on my to do list... .

Tomato Sauce Family Circle method

This is not exactly the same method as in the book,
I have modified it to make it really easy.

Put in a large pot 2 kg tomatoes,
3 green apples cored and chopped, 3 onions peeled and chopped and
as much peeled garlic as you like.
Add 2. 5 cups malt vinegar, and simmer until everything is soft.
Puree with a stick mixer and strain out the seeds if you want, I never do though.
Add 2 c sugar,
2 tbsp salt,
1/2 tsp pepper,
1/2 tsp mixed spice and
1/4 tsp ground cloves.
Simmer for another 1/2 hour or so until thickened slightly.
Pour into sterile jars or bottles and seal.
Makes about 3 litres.
I double this recipe and make it 3 times to make enough for my family of 5 for the year, with extra to give away.
You will never go back to Watties!

valentino, Feb 10, 11:59pm
But for special occassions, I do this, very yummy. .

Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a pan, add a sliced leek, 2 tablespoons water and 1 crushed clove garlic.
Cover and stir until the leek is soft. Add a 440g can chopped tomato or 500 g of chopped juicy fleshy riped tomatoes, 1 tablespoon tomato paste, 1/4 teaspoon sugar and 2 tablespoons of nice rich red wine. Stir then simmer for about 5 minutes, season and serve. Should give about 2 cups at least.

valentino, Feb 11, 12:04am
And some more at this following link... . php? f=25&t=416

sooseque, Feb 11, 10:18am
This is our old family one
12lbs Tomatoes
3 lb sugar
2 TBLSP plain salt
1 1/2 pints vinegar
2 oz pickling spice (2 pkts)
Boil all 2 1/2 hours, moulie and reboil 1/2 hour, then bottle

red2, Feb 14, 9:48pm
valentino - made your Family Circle version on the weekend and it is a very nice sauce - have tried a few different ones over the years but this is the best " brew " yet . Thank you ! !

raewyn64, Feb 14, 10:07pm
Valentino you say to Pour into sterile jars or bottles and seal. Do you use metal lids like when making jams and stewed apples etc? I thought (and could be mistaken) not to use metal lids with vinegar products. Am I wrong here?
Also do you bottle this when still hot off the stove top or do you cool it first? If hot do the lids pop down like above?
I would like to make this recipe but don't want to ruin it by bottling it incorrectly.
Thanks for posting the recipe and thanks red2 for the recommendation.

valentino, Feb 14, 10:20pm
raewyn64 wrote:
Do you use metal lids like when making jams and stewed apples etc?
Also do you bottle this when still hot off the stove top or do you cool it first? If hot do the lids pop down like above?

I normally use jam jars, even the ole glass vinegar bottles, whenever one does jams, pickles, preserves, sauces and chutneys and relishes etc etc without giving any thoughts to what the seal is, generally virtually all the seals have a protective coating on them and if signs of wear or scratches, marks etc , I don't bother with them.

Also when using jars, I normally pour into whilst hot and lids do pop down when cooled enough. Using Vinegar bottles or other bottles, allow to cool enough into bottles first as most of these caps are plastic but have cap liners in them, make sure they have these in the caps for sealing purposes (by the way, these are great when making smooth runny sauce).

As noted above in my posting, is on my very short list to do and noted red2 comments seems to confirm this recipe along with reading the recipe itself.

Hopes this all helps.


maysept, Feb 14, 10:20pm
Does this keep well, about how long can a batch be kept?

red2, Feb 14, 11:50pm
raewyn64 - I used old pasta sauce bottles that have a metal lid with film inside . I did not fill right to the top tho. They all popped down fine

raewyn64, Feb 14, 11:53pm
thanks all about the jars and lids.

sooseque, Feb 15, 10:30am
maysept, yes this keeps well, this recipe is a few generations old now. I put the pickling spice in with the tomatoes (not in a bag) but pick out some of the dried chilli's so as it is not too hot.

bernice1, Feb 15, 7:20pm
I have been making this one for 30 years now!

Tomato Sauce

12lb tomatoes
6lb sugar
1 pkt pickling spice tied in a bag
6 large onions
1 knob garlic
1lb salt
4lb apples
1 pkt raisins
3 pints vinegar
1 dssp cayenne pepper

Chop tomatoes onions, apples and garlic, place in large pot with rest ingredients. Boil together for 4 hours. Remove pickling spice in bag, either strain through a sieve or through a mouli (do not put in processor or blender as this crushed tomato seeds and makes the sauce very bitter). Bring back to boil, bottle in sterilised bottles. Will keep for 3-4 years!

maysept, Feb 16, 6:19am
Thanks sooseque, will give it a try!

pam56, Jan 12, 6:52am
I found 1lb of salt too much so used 2 tablespoons in this recipe - delicious!

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