Pointy cupcakes.

lulu239, Jun 6, 3:50am
Daughter was around this afternoon and said she was going home to make Nigella's cupcakes. (I had just finished icing some) She said hers seem to go all pointy. I know I have read something on here as to why they do that but can't seem to find it. I have used the search section on the left. Can anyone help with suggestions?

pam.delilah, Jun 6, 4:01am
How To Bake The Perfect Cupcake Dome!

for flatuse very hot milk,
for slightly domeduse hot,
and for large domesuse just warm.

hope this helps

willow123, Jun 6, 4:06am
Probably oven is too hot or she had the tray too high

rog.e, Jun 6, 4:27am
OTbut a way to use these pointy cakes:

Pointy top cupcakes are ideal for making Fairy or Butterfly Cakes.

Slice tops off on a downward angle either side to create a depressonm in the cake. and cut the removed piece into two equal pieces making two 'wings'.

teaspoonful of Whipped cream into centre of each cupcake and put the 'wings' either side of centre on the crea, .
Dust with icing sugar.

Can add a small piece of set red, green or other jelly.

OR:Yse any flavouredbutter icing (? passionfruitm raspberry, vanilla etc. )into the centre and place the 'wings back on topthen icing sigar dusted over.

lulu239, Jun 6, 5:16am
Thanks for those tips all of you. She told me she does 2 trays at a time but I have a feeling she didn't use fan force. I'll email he your answers now.

mrsmay, Jul 16, 8:40am
Over mixed cupcakes will go pointy, theyll go pointy if theyre baked in an oven thats too hot.