Bursting Sausages !

skorpey-oh, Jun 2, 4:16am
When I boil my sausages they always burst, does anyone know how I can stop this from happening please ?

traceedwards, Jun 2, 4:18am
Cook / heat them slowly

uli, Jun 2, 4:22am
Fry them

245sam, Jun 2, 4:58am
skorpey-oh, I haven't for a long time now, 'boiled' sausages. I prefer to grill them, or 'fry' or 'bake' them with just the tiniest bit of added water (no fat or oil) - just enough to stop them sticking until they release their own fatbut if, for any reason I did need to boil sausages I would put them in a saucepan with cold water and bring them to the boil then gently simmer (NOT boil) them - it's as traceedwards advised "Cook / heat them slowly"

Hope that helps. :-))

skorpey-oh, Jun 2, 5:01am
yea that helps plenty - i don't normally boil them either but i decided to for a change - flippin disaster LOL thanks again

samsara11, Jun 2, 6:00am
simmer them very gently and they will not burst, boiling will make them burst

nfh1, Jun 2, 6:03am
Grill them - never heard of boiled sausages.

goldgurl, Jun 2, 6:23am
prick them before you cook them.

motorbo, Jun 2, 6:30am
some people boil for such dishes as curried sausages

nahzee, Jun 2, 6:35am
ouch! ! !

nfh1, Jun 2, 6:58am
don't they loose their flavour if you boil them?

goldgurl, Jun 2, 7:06am
*gently* prick them ;)

beaker59, Jun 2, 7:24am
I boil Sausages in my noodle dishes. They don't loose flavour but just taste different. Nice with good quality gormet sausages trick is too cook slower so start in cool water and bring up to a simmer rather than dropping into boiling water.

pr1ncesswst, Jun 2, 8:10am
I prick them also when boiling for curied sausages etc, and it does stop them bursting.

pickles7, Jun 2, 9:25pm
Buy precooked sausages. . We used to buy fancy sausages but , they are less than tasty , now they are being made in such large quantities.

illusion_, Jul 2, 3:02am
Definitely prick them first, all over ... no matter how you are going to cook them. This allows a lot of the fat to escape (healthy) and helps to stop them bursting.
When boiling them start with cold water and bring them up to a gentle simmer. If you let it get to a rolling boil the chances are that they will burst. Same applies with savaloys, cherios, etc.

As for "tasty" sausages. You need to find a butcher that makes his own. The ones from the supermarket are just rubbish.