Other than chocolate, what compliments coffee.

abbey_magick, May 30, 12:35pm
Flavour wise. Im making a cake and need non choc flavour ideas for the cake decorations/icing etc... ... Can do coffee cake with coffee icing, but feel like it should be maybe something else?

deus701, May 30, 1:40pm

horizons_, May 30, 8:32pm
cream, sugar, alcohol, cinamon, cherries, walnuts... ... .

mojome, May 30, 8:49pm

luckyduck, May 30, 9:16pm
Whiskey, Rum...

pam.delilah, May 30, 9:29pm
raspberries all the way

lilyfield, May 30, 9:40pm
brandy and cigars

buzzy110, May 30, 10:23pm
Don't know how these would go with coffee cake but vanilla and lemon (not together) are quite nice flavours. Also you could try orange juice, lime juice or apple juice but I've never used them before so don't know what sort of effect they'll have with icing sugar so would make sure my icing had butter in it. (I've put up icing recipes before only to have people suggest you can make the same recipe without butter but IMO you get a totally different icing)

indy95, May 30, 11:01pm
Perhaps you could trying using hazelnuts, abbey_magick. If you have already made the cake, you could use whipped cream sweetened to taste and flavoured with Frangelico as a filling and topping and decorate the cake with roughly chopped and toasted hazelnuts.

natalie9, May 31, 2:51am

uli, May 31, 3:04am
This cake is going to be a bomb :)
Don't forget the chilli!

geldof, May 31, 3:56am

maandpa2b, May 31, 7:33am
Walnut and cream

books4nz, May 31, 12:38pm
Ginger. .

fmgirl, May 31, 10:52pm
Well if you think what goes into special coffees there are loads of options.
Peppermint, vanilla, irish cream/whiskey, orange, chilli, rum

horizons_, May 31, 11:39pm
Well after all these tasty suggestions I reckon we should get to sample the cake :-).

anna787, Jun 27, 6:05pm
i love carrot cake with coffee the warming mixed spices and cinnamon make it delicous but any of the above sound great too