Easy Ciabatta bread recipe...

lukn4bargans, May 23, 6:06am
This is the best and easiest demo of bread making I have come across. The presenter is very funny and keeps you interested. A little sexy too ;)

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=YX_6l2bmvQI&feature=fvw

beaker59, May 23, 7:41am
I saw this very video about a year ago and it has become a firm family favourite. Very easy to bake and delicious also very healthy as its long fermented. Also it has lead me on to baking sourdough breads and other stuff so careful its a gateway bread ;)

korbo, May 23, 8:57am
WOWEE, that is fantastic. i put it on facebook for family to look. love that bread, and it is so expensive to buy.

fisher, May 23, 9:32am
Just put one together. . quick and easy... gonna put a few pumpkin and sunflower seeds in the top before going into oven... be ready to bake just before tea tomorrow... :}

korbo, May 23, 7:54pm
guess with leaving for 18 hours, you have to work out when you will be cooking it. cant wait to try it. fisher what time do you get it ready then for cooking.

fisher, May 24, 12:45am
made it last night at 9. 00pm + 18 hours == 3. 00pm... . .
+ 2 hours = 5. 00 pm and into oven ready to bake, , ,
just enough time to cool for 6. 15 pm Home made chicken soup that I have just finished preparing with warm crusty bread with lashing of butter...

fisher, May 24, 12:54am
korbo. . it takes more time to get the gear out of the pantry than to make it. . lol. . had to rip my container pantry apart to get at the big metal bowl at the back. . Just had a peek. . its looking goooood... and risen well... reckon I put some pumpkin and sunflower seeds in my magic bullet and whiz them up to add to the flour mix. . Will try that next time...

fisher, May 24, 4:03am
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/76/131509276_full. jp
Waiting the 2 hours now to put into the oven...
(pumpkin and sunflower seeds put on top)

rebecca12, May 24, 4:13am
Its a favourite of ours as well.

korbo, May 24, 4:16am
mmm, stop it, i am so wanting a slice now... ... ...

beaker59, May 24, 6:13am
Trick is not to handle too much once risen, pour it out cut in half push into place and thats it, I make mine half high grade flour and half wholemeal. The seeds sounds good though not authentic. Biggest compliment was when my Maltese friends came over for lunch and reckoned my(this recipe) Ciabatta was same as they could buy in the village back in Malta.

fisher, May 24, 6:29am
I just pushed it together and folded it over itself both ways. . dusted with flour . . Don't care about authentic. . :} like flavour and will probably do it with rosemary or similar. . here's the end product...
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/30/131527130_full. jp

beaker59, May 24, 7:25am
looks good Is that the recipe in the vid cooked as one piece, I usually cut in half and make in two loaves. great to rip up for soup or cut pieces into pockets for salad fillings etc for lunches.

fisher, May 24, 7:33am
cheers ... first one so did as per vid... have a small cast iron pot with lidso may try some in there as well as some on the tray. . yup... just made chicken soup and had the Ciabatta bread with it... impressed with its simplicity. . only downfall is the wait...
One of the other guys said use a bit more yeast. . then add some red wine vinegar to make it work faster and 3 hours later set it out for another 30 mins then into oven... 4 hours whoa to go...

beaker59, May 24, 8:37am
However Fisher there is a lot of evidence that long slow fermentation makes a much healthier bread this is the ideal bread to make during the working week mix it up before bed then tip out when you get home then bake after dinner.

weezil, May 24, 9:42pm
fisher what sort of yeast did you use please.

fisher, May 25, 12:51am
Elfin, Dry Yeast . . (ideal for bread makers) . . 12 foil sachets in the box. .
Use a large bowl so it can rise to whatever it wants to. .cover with foil. . once on the oven tray, cover with tea towel. .

weezil, May 25, 10:17am
thankyou fisher, will give it a go once ive obtained the yeast. .

jrchch, May 25, 8:37pm
How much yeast? I think I hear quarter teaspoon but that doesnt seem enough? ?

trish441, May 25, 9:10pm
HiCan someone just post the recipe please, I cant seem to get the video player to work. Many thanks

fisher, May 26, 12:49am
1/4 teaspoon is correct but I'm going to use a "tad" more next time. .
DON'T use too much. . it near doubles in size...

jrchch, May 26, 5:17am
Thank you.

fisher, May 26, 8:32am
Alternative Method:
6. 5 Cups All purpose Flour(can use 1 cup wholemeal)
3 cups Warm water
1. 5 tbsp Yeast
1. 5 tbsp Salt
Place all in big plastic tub and mix well. Cover and place in warm spot for 3-4 hours and then into fridge. Following day, using floured hands, remove and place into smaller sealable container which will keep fine in fridge for 2 weeks.
Prepare a slide with smeared olive oil and a sprinkling of corn meal.
Using some flour, pull off a 1/4 portion and cut with a knife. .
Don't handle too much but stretch out the base for about a minute, form into loaf shape and place on the prepared tray. . Cut a shallow cross across the top, sprinkle of flour and into oven. . 35mins 210c
This amount make 4 loaves. .
I have made one with whizzed up sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and fresh rosemary. . mixed through the flour before adding the warm water... caraway seeds are next :}}

squeakygirl, Mar 22, 3:41pm
This one is from Alison and Simon Holst's bread Book.
3 cups warm water
5 tsp yeast ( I used 3 )
4 tsp salt
6 1/2 cups flour
Put yeast & water in a large bowl and stir. Add flour and mix well. Cover and leave to rise.
I use about 1/3 of this dough and put in loaf tin to rise again and bake for 30 minutes at 220.
Leave the rest covered in the fridge and use as needed.