Kath and Kim party

fiorucci, May 22, 7:56pm
I am going to a Kath and Kim party, does any one have suggestions for the food to take. I thought the half grapefruit with cheese and pineapple. Would appreciate some suggestions.

mindi1, May 22, 7:59pm
Saveloys (little boys) and tomato sauce.

bopeep80, May 22, 8:42pm
dont forget the cardonay

rainrain1, May 22, 8:45pm
look here


fiorucci, May 22, 9:04pm
Thank you thats getting us started.

sue1955, May 23, 12:16am
Don't forget the "baby Jesus" either.

2boysmum, May 30, 4:58pm
TIRAMASU! ! LOL! I loved that episode! !

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