Please can you help me with healthy eating

purplelipstick, May 17, 10:43pm
i have put myself on a diet, have lost 5 kg so far in a month. but i seem to be eating the same old things all the time and frankly im sick of them. chicken, fish and stirfry. what is some more healthy low cal things i can have. im not a great vege lover. i have omitted spuds and bread from my diet. its now getting boring

cookessentials, May 17, 10:53pm
Do you like salmon? I think giving yourself some variety is the key to making it interesting. A nice vegetable stir fry with onion, halved button mushrooms, snow peas and what ever other greens you like with tamari is also tasty. There is a fabulous recipe section on the Sureslim site. If you are on Facebook, look up Trademe cooks and you can PM me there and I can give you the link.

uli, May 17, 10:53pm
Maybe you have to explain a bit what sort of diet you are doing?

Is it to lose weight
Is it to get fit and healthy
Or because of a medical condition?

What sort of diet are you doing?
Weight watchers,
calorie counting,
high carb,
low carb
or any other?

You might then get some better answers according to the type of diet and the end result you want to achieve.

elliehen, May 17, 11:00pm
Have a look here at this Auckland-based (available online as well) New Zealand way of eating good real food, with nothing banned.

purplelipstick, May 17, 11:02pm
i have always been over weight, but dont want to be anymore, i want/have to lose 20 kg. have cut out unnecessary fats and sugars out of my diet, exercise alot, its paying off, but am getting sick of eating the same stuff. my colestrol is abit high, and so was my blood sugar, but that is now back to normal.
please help me

elliehen, May 17, 11:17pm
Then please go and have a look here, for a diverse array of very interesting recipes featuring REAL FOOD :)

cookessentials, May 17, 11:21pm
Hi purplelipstick, you wil find the above link that elliehen has put up very helpful. I have a number of Carolyns books and the recipes are tasty and nutricious. I did Sureslim back in 2006 ( low carb) and apart from a small glitch when we first came into the shop ( and a cafe being across the road) have managed to keep the weight off. If you are on Facebook, you can also look up Trademecooks and you can find me on there-just check in the "introduce yourself" section and you can PM me and i can give you the link to the supprt site for Sureslim ( you do not have to be on it to join the site) We have some fabulous recipes tips and tricks. You can set yourself up a "ticker" to help monitor your progress AND there are a heap of girls and guys from all over the world to support you.

buzzy110, May 17, 11:24pm
purplelipstick. I'm afraid you will get many differing answers which could lead to much arguing among posters in here in general so I will just briefly discuss my philosophy then bow out.

I and a few other posters in here, who mainly stick to the low carb, no carb thread, are, as you can gather, low carbers who have a wonderful diet filled with all sorts of foods with 'lashings of fats'. We are all seeing immense improvements in our weight, energy levels, general overall health and improving intellectual performance. We also eat such a wonderful range of satisfying foods. There is another thread in here called "New (NZ) Low Carb Website". This thread gives a link to a low carb site with recipes, discussions and supporters. Low carbers, like myself, hang out there. We share information and recipes and are generally supportive of each other.

We have learnt to be wary of offering food suggestions and recipes in threads like this because of the negativity that can develop and that won't help you at all.

Good luck and best wishes. I'm sure I speak for the others of my ilk when I sincerely send you our good thoughts and congratulations on your efforts so far, and for future successes, no matter what advice you may choose to take from here.

red2, May 18, 12:03am
some ideas here at
Have some carbs in the morning as you are exercising !

red2, May 18, 12:14am
some other ideas - soups , egg based dishes , salads . Well done on your weight loss to date - don't rush it , keep exercising and it will happen

tumeke4ueh, May 18, 12:20am
I agree. You need some carbs in the morning (at least) if you are exercising or you'll just feel flat with not enough energy to exercise.

uli, May 18, 2:12am
Interestingly enough I feel better with no carbs before exercising. Could be just me - but my trials with bread and/or banana before workouts have been completely superceded now with a simple protein shake. Less hunger, more energy and lighter feeling.

Just try it out one day and feel if it is different for you too. Even after 3 hours of gym and pool I am much less hungry than on the bread/banana breakfast.

nfh1, May 18, 2:54am
try this one php

if you click on 'Diet' it gives various options for you to select 'Free of ... ' or 'Low in ... ... 'etc etc

Trouble is you will spend so much time there you will not have time to cook! Good Luck with the healthy eating.

lx4000, May 18, 6:43am
green top milk, takes AGES to get usewd to but once ya have it, you don't like any other milk! !
Have whole grain breads! these have high fiber and not "empty" like white bread!

If you crave sugar, your body is wanting protein! !


uli, May 18, 8:32am
I would hazard a guess that if you crave sugar then you are addicted to carbs. While protein will help to get you over the cravings to a degree - the cravings will really only stop once you stop eating carbs altogether.

Read the Hellers book "The Carbohydrate Addict" - very interesting. I read it many years ago and thought it to be bullsh*t - how can anyone be addicted to carbs? What a hoot! - Well what a hoot alright once I cut all the carbs out from one day to the next ... try it for a week just to see how you feel LOL :)

purplelipstick, May 18, 8:34am
thanks guys.
i always walk 3 k in the morning before i have breakfast. then i have a small bowl of special k and lite fruit salad

herika, May 19, 8:00pm
Hi, Im gluten intolerant and found breakfast a problem, the bought cereals left me feeling hungry after a couple of hours and needing to eat again at morning tea time so I started cooking up brown rice and having that. Sounds yuck but I got used to it and quite like it now. I cook up enough for the week and keep it covered in the fridge. At breakfast time I just add fresh (or tinned) fruit, some almonds, milk and then heat it in the microwave. Its great, Im full till lunch time now and its not full of additives etc. In the winter I put it through the Whizz and its more like porridge. Hope this gives you another idea :)

uli, May 19, 9:11pm
Herika - I simply have a protein shake (whey - not soy) in the morning if I go to pool and gym. If I stay home I have bacon and eggs or an omelette or some stirfry that is left over from the evening before or a salad with some tuna or a slice of vege quiche or simply a beerstick and a slice of cheese. All these options will have me filled up till lunch time.

Any carbs like bread, cereal, orange juice, muffins, porridge, cakes, rice - even fruit like bananas etc make me feel hungry after about 2 to 3 hours - so by 10 or 11am I "needed" to eat as the stomach keeps grumbling and I cannot concentrate.

So I have given those carby foods away altogether and go for some protein options where I can then concentrate on my tasks at hand rather than thinking about food all the time LOL :)

snapit, May 19, 11:07pm
Purplelipstick, good on you for what you have done so far keep up the good work.
I am sure there is merit in all the above ideas and you will find new ideas and recipes among them to help you on the way.
Another thought is to keep more to low GI foods whole grains rather than processed, some fruits and vegetables are lower than others, in this aspect I understand that kumara is better than potato. Legumes lentils dried beans and chickpeas are also good. The lower GI keeps you feeling satisfied longer. andgenerally higher in fibre
Drink plenty of water and watch the portion sizes, use a smaller plate.

Have just Google low GI foods recipes and lots came up here is oneand it has a small list of foods and some interesting looking recipes I have not tried any but it gives you more ideas and choices. I will have a closer look myself when I have time.

karysargent, May 19, 11:26pm
most reasonable, sensible diets work if you stick to them. i personally prefer low carb too but you have to find something that suits you, your tastes and your lifestyle. keep scouring the net, asking questions and picking up tips where you can. you'll eventually settle on something and be able to find the variety you need. one tip that's already been mentioned and goes across the board though is ... drink LOTS of water. that stuff has magical weight-loss properties imo. lol.

patience is another key. some diets see you lose heaps of weight in the first few weeks and that's great for a kick-start. but a lot fall off the wagon after that initial honeymoon period and once the weight start coming off slower and at a 'normal' rate. you just need to stick with it. good luck.

bedazzledjewels, May 21, 9:09am
Very good advice Karysargent.
Doing the reading is so important. Then be clear about your chosen eating plan and stick to it.

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