starry29, May 16, 9:21pm
i have had no luck finding any at pak n save...countdown or new world... i am starting to think they don't make it anymore lol

245sam, May 16, 9:54pm
starry29, I haven't looked for short grain rice for ages and when I did I found that what I'd always known as 'short grain' in the SunRice range is/was now called 'medium grain'; however a little while after that I noticed that my Mum had a packet of short grain rice that she had only recently bought from her local (Ashburton) New World under their brand name "Pam's".

For info' re rice, recipes and the types available under the brand name "SunRice" have a look at:- au

Hope that helps. :-))

pickles7, May 16, 10:13pm
Palm oil... . But I have bought some in the last 6 months. Probably just out of stock at the moment.

245sam, May 16, 10:51pm
Sorry pickles7, but what is the connection between the short grain rice question and palm oil? ? ? ? ?

dezzie, May 17, 12:40am
My friend in scotland was having a wee moan to me that she couldn't find short grain rice either, she had a craving for rice pudding, so it appears to be worldwide.

mwood, May 17, 12:43am
look for "sticky rice" not long grain - your local Asian supply shop will have sacks of it for sale -

red2, May 17, 12:43am
maybe try an Asian supermarket - they may have it

lillybelle1, May 17, 1:14am
good ole Binn Inn has it .

gypsywoman93, May 17, 1:49am
I could swear Arborio Rice is just short grained rice. Try that.

diz_fullah, May 17, 1:57am
short grain rice @ pack n save & countdown, its in a black pouch with a zip lock, label says "sushi rice". Down the rice isle. I buy it all the time here @ the rotorua pak n save :)

cookessentials, May 12, 5:57pm
short grain rice is not always easy to find. Mum usually brings me some fromm New World in Milford when she comes down