jag33, May 16, 2:46am
I've got the recipe but cannot seem to find any crab apples anywhere. Does anybody want to sell me some. Must be just about the end of the season but, not having seen a tree, I wouldn't really know.

cookessentials, May 19, 1:53am
I am pretty sure the season has finished unless someone can tell us otherwise.

indy95, May 19, 2:20am
Yes, unfortunately I think it has, cookessentials. I wanted to make crabapple jelly this year but couldn't find any crabapples. Better luck next year I hope.

katalin2, May 18, 2:02pm
Mine are still on the tree- will use some this w/e but looks like a good crop so might have some left over- happy to list some if I do have some left.