What cakes use royal icing

sally174, May 15, 2:51am
What types of cake - other than fruit cakes - can have royal icing. Want to have a second wedding cake for those that don't like fruit cake but want it with royal icing. What tastes good with it?

angel404, May 15, 3:46am
i had choc cake with royal icing for my wedding cake

mismuffet, May 15, 7:15am
Are you talking about royal icing or fondant? Royal icing is mainly used to decorate by piping or other methods where as teh fondant or ready to roll icing is used to cover the cake.

raewyn64, May 4, 8:19pm
we had two tiers of fruit cake and the middle one was mud cake and all iced with the white fondant icing. Worked really well for those who didn't like fruit cake.

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